• I knew this would happen

    In my post on Kaitlyn Hunt, I warned that if Gay Rights advocates tried to defend the indefensible they were handing live ammo to their enemies.  Case in point, the following:

    Why gays would want consent laws overthrown is not in question. Youth is a commodity in the gay world, a pearl of great price. For gays, both male and female, it’s the younger the better.

    There’s more if you can stand to read it.  The homosexuality-to-pedophilia slur has long been one of the most vicious in the gay-basher’s arsenal.  It’s taken a long time to establish a consensus against this venomous stupidity, and all that work may now be undone by the irresponsibility of those trying to portray Ms Hunt as a martyr rather than a predator.

    And to my fellow “rightists” – when you slam homosexuals tout court you are slamming Old Fritz.  And then we are going to have some problems.


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    Article by: The Prussian

    • I agree. Der alte Fritz established the principal of a “Public Service”, which as far as I recall in the west not one crowned had had spelled out with such clarity. He fought corruption, and saw himself in word and practice as the first citizen with the heaviest obligation to serve.

      My politics are not conservative – at least as conservatism portrays itself today, as the willingness to let the market reign without regulations, to cut investment in the public sphere from service to infrastructure.
      When it comes to Friedrich der Grosse – he deserved this title and I despite being more an old style socialist I admire him to the fullest.

      As to him being gay – I think the experience of his youth informed his attitude towards religion, tolerance towards new ideas.