• “Wear veils…

    …if you don’t want to get raped on the street”.


    The Arab Spring is turning out just swell.

    Bonus question: how many of our “feminist” atheists will kick up a fuss over this anything like the one about a certain cup of coffee?

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    Article by: The Prussian

    • I think they’re too busy manufacturing dramas and clay jewelry!

    • Ingemar Oseth

      Hitch was right. Religion poisons everything!

      I shudder to think what the US Constitution would have looked like had our current, homegrown crop of religious zealots had been around during it creation and ratification.

      There for the grace of reason, go I.

      • ThePrussian

        You are quite right; we should indeed give thanks to those who allow us to have our current civilisation of reason. Something for an atheist thanksgiving, perhaps?

    • DavidGaliel

      I’m not sure why you were invited to blog here – perhaps as a token hatemonger to show diversity of opinion?

      The very article you link to gives the lie to your disgusting condescension and bigotry.

      “Many Egyptian viewers were horrified when preacher Hisham el-Ashry recently popped up on primetime television” – and, unlike under the brutal dictatorship of Mubarak, they can now freely express their horror to journalists, who are, in turn, free to publish those opinions.

      “the obscure preacher” – of course, just reading your title and post, and not clicking through to read the linked article, which, as you well know, many will not do, gives the impression that this is somehow the new law in Egypt.

      “Few take Ashry seriously” – few, that is, except haters like you.

      “Look at this crazy man! Where do you think we live! In a jungle?” said Mona Ahmed, who freely gave her name (and who *of her own choice* uses a veil, but who was rightfully outraged at the notion that it should be forced on others.)

      “Egypt’s top Islamic institutions, such as al-Azhar, the highest authority in Sunni Islam, and Dar al Ifta, the central authority for issuing religious rulings, have long said religious practices should not be imposed on people.”

      “gypt’s Grand Mufti, the country’s most senior Islamic legal official, has dismissed the self-styled preacher’s views.

      “This sort of idiotic thinking is one that seeks to further destabilise what is already a tense situation,” Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa said in a statement to Reuters.

      “Egypt’s religious scholars have long guided the people to act in ways that conform to their religious commitments, but have never thought this required any type of invasive policing.”

      “Mursi has pledged not to impose Islamic codes of behaviour and to protect adherents of all religions equally.”

      And then, get this – a “HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST” is quoted, by name – without a government handler, without being hauled away by Mubarak’s secret police, never to be seen again – criticizes the President of Egypt and his government for not doing enough:

      “”As long as such actions are not seriously condemned by the officials in public speeches, it leaves room for radicals to freely act and impose things on people,” said human rights activist Gamal Eid.

      The image of Egypt’s bearded leadership flanked by their fully veiled wives sends a powerful psychological message that may belie their official words, they say.

      “Islamist officials need to take a clearer stand on their views about rights and freedoms and act strictly if those rights and freedoms were threatened.””

      Yes, truly, this “Arab Spring” thing is as odious as that “American Revolution” thing.

      Have you no shame, “Prussian”? At long last, have you no shame?

      • ThePrussian

        “Egypt’s top Islamic institutions, such as al-Azhar, the highest authority in Sunni Islam, and Dar al Ifta, the central authority for issuing religious rulings, have long said religious practices should not be imposed on people.

        This would presumably the sam al-Azhar that has members calling for jihad against “the americans and the jews – the descendants of apes and pigs”, or saying that “jihad martyrdom suicide bombings are a religious duty, pleasing to Allah”, or has called for the shutdown of Christian television stations, or saying that “Jihad has become an individual duty incumbent on each and every one of us”, or that “jews are a source of evil and harm in all human societies” or that has a curriculum that calls for terrorism, or that re-released an Islamic manual of jurisprudence that mandates death for apostasy and female genital mutilation…

        Look, I get lots of twits like you. Just accept the following: I know what I am talking about. You don’t. You know little to nothing of the rest of the world, so please do not pretend otherwise.

        • DavidGaliel

          Having spent more than a dozen years in Israel, including 4 yrs of service in the IDF, including service as part of the security forces who protected Anwar Sadat during his historical visit to the Knesset; having remained involved with, informed about and engaged in Middle Eastern affairs in the decades since, and having served most recently as executive director of an international peace organization who monitored the Arab Spring in Egypt very closely as an example of the implementation of many of Gene Sharp’s nonviolent resistance tactics – I seriously doubt you know more about the “rest of the world” than I do, at least that rest of the world popularly known as the Middle East.

          As the son of a Holocaust survivor & an active New York Zionist who first helped settle a kibbutz on the border of Syria and Lebanon in 1948, and as nephew of an Israeli woman who emigrated to Jerusalem at the turn of the century and who served as a Jewish spy in the years before independence, again, I doubt your claim.

          Of course, none of that is germane to the original points I made in my original comment – any more than your arguments from authority or implications of antisemitism are relevant.

          I quoted from the very article you cited; I did not write some defense of al-Azhar, as you well know. My point, clearly, was that your post was (deliberately, in my estimation) highly misleading in its summary of the article it linked to, and to the entire situation.

          Nor is this the first bigoted screed you have posted here.

          What remains puzzling is why this site humors someone who is a) so obviously irrational, rage-filled and hate=driven, and b) so poor at argumentation.

          • ThePrussian

            “Having spent more than a dozen years in Israel, including 4 yrs of service in the IDF, including service as part of the security forces who protected Anwar Sadat during his historical visit to the Knes”

            Well, having three hundred and fifty years of experience of facing the menace of Islamic jihad, my stint as Pope and US president…

            Sweetie, save it. Just save it and skip it. Anyone can get a topnotch CV on the internet. You zoomed in like a laser on the line about the Al Azar, and clearly didn’t know squat about what the Al Azar’s actual positions are. Please, just go away.

            • DavidGaliel

              Again, unlike you, I was not making an argument from authority (though, also unlike you, I don’t hide behind a pseudonym and so am easy to verify).

              Nor, as you likely know, was I making any kind of defense of Islam, any more than odious religion in general.

              You got caught short in your “I know more about the world than you do” bulllshit, as well in your implication of antisemitism, so now you are attempting the “politically correct apologist” bullshit.

              The truth, as any reader can see, is that I critiqued your gross mischaracterization of the report you linked to. I also condemned your overall attraction to authoritarianism and disdain for a people who, at the cost of blood and tears, overthrew a brutal dictator, as well as your apparent anti-Arabism.

              You cite the rantings of a fringe wacko so marginal that even ultra-conservative Islamists dismiss him, as “proof” that the Arab Spring was a failure – as if the Egyptian people would have been better off continuing to submit to authoritarian regime, rather than choose their own way. You misrepresent this as somehow meaning women are now being required to wear veils as “rape protection”.

              In short, you engaged in the kind of Fox News behavior that has no place among people of reason.

              And your only response is to erect straw men and avoid the substance – because you have no substantive response to make.

            • ThePrussian

              Oooh, he likened me to FOX news! I’m shivering in my boots! I always find it interesting how a certain kind of American sort of automatically assumes that his parochial standards are globally applicable.

              I guess the Al Azar is “fringe” too. I guess the Muslim Brotherhood that is in power in Egypt and instituted a Shariah constitution is “fringe” too. I guess Morsi is “fringe” too.

              If you could be bothered to read the rest of the stuff on this blog, you would know that this is only one of a number of posts I have done on the disaster that we see emerging before us. So we have with you is someone who reads a three sentence post and thinks he knows all about me. And people are supposed to take you seriously on anything?

              Look, please stop being boring. I almost went face down on my keyboard trying to read this recent post of yours. Now run off home, there’s a good boy.

            • DavidGaliel

              You wrote:

              “‘Wear veils…
              …if you don’t want to get raped on the street’.

              The Arab Spring is turning out just swell.”

              You linked without irony to an article that was full of free expressions of revulsion and dismissal of the sentiment you quoted across a wide swath of Egyptian official and public opinion.

              Yet, you presented the fringe comment by a marginal Egyptian Islamic Fundamentalist as evidence that the entire “Arab Spring” – apparently, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria et al blur in your consciousness as some kind of festering, blurry cesspool of “Arabic Primitives” – is somehow a bad thing. if anything, the reactions in the article prove that the uprising in Egypt has freed people to express sentiments that would previously have landed them in Mubarak’s torture chambers, at the least.

              The actual issue is that you performed a bit of biased deception that is unworthy of skepticism or rational thinkers. You start with a belief-based conclusion, and then not only cherry-pick anecdotes, but actively distort the substance of articles you cite, in order to force reality to conform to your beliefs.

              No amount of calling me “sweetie” or “little boy” will change that fact.

            • ThePrussian

              Oh, push off. I threw up a link that is part of a much longer running theme of post here & because you cannot be bothered to read them or learn anything, you whine and whinge. Sure, if this was _the only_ story, you might have a point, but as I have pointed out before, it isn’t. You don’t answer any of the rest of that, because you mouthed off like a moron without knowing anything, and now you’re stuck in your own silliness.