• The Dreyfuss affair of our age

    Comrade Cohen in fine form, displaying the best of the Old Left.  Read it all.  To keep my credentials burnished, I should confess that I find myself shifting a bit uncomfortably at the attacks on Mrs. Thatcher and note that she did end up defending Rushdie after all.

    I thought my disgust for the Yazzmonster could not get stronger, but this shocked even me:


    Had it not been for Khomeini’s incitements to murder in 1989, wrote the constantly shallow and occasionally sinisterIndependent columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in 1994, “the world would be hurtling, unchallenged, towards the inalienable right to wear blue jeans and eat McDonald’s hamburgers”.


    Read it all.

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    • Copyleft

      Interesting. The failure of many alleged leftists to stick to principle in the Rushdie affair should be an an embarrassment that haunts them the rest of their lives.

      If you find yourself in agreement with both Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher–what better indication do you need that you’re on the wrong side? It’s the same warning bell that should have alarmed radical feminists like Dworkin and McKinnon when they found themselves rubbing shoulders with Jesse Helms on the porn issue.