• Crow eating addendum

    As regards my previous provocation, there is one possibility that I did not canvass, and it is just too horrible for thought.  I tend to think that even if a moron like Robertson was in the White House, the amount of damage he could cause would be strictly limited.  I think that the US system of government, and the US people, are frankly too unsuited for any sort of tyranny.

    But there is one big exception to this: the US nuclear arsenal.  We’ve at least once come a hair’s breadth close to global extinction.  The thought of what could happen with a true believer in the White House facing down the psychos in Tehran is not something I care to think about.

    As I’ve just written to someone else, the age of the priests and kings has to end, otherwise it will end us.

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    Article by: The Prussian

    • Smilodon’s Retreat

      I agree. There was a “training program” in the US Air Force a few years ago about “Jesus loves nukes”. Considering how some officers in the US military use their power (illegally) to promote fundamentalist religions, it is pretty frightening.

    • Zed Zero

      Well, yes you have correctly identified our weakest moment but, happily that is mostly in the past and we seem to be getting over our apocalyptic flu quite nicely. However I would not exaggerated their influence or underestimate the Israeli and U.S. politicians guile in playing those guy’s off as patsies. Deluded fundamentalist make excellent cannon fonder in the ranks and gullible donors in the pews. The real danger was probably very small. Remember “”Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful”.

      “There was a “training program” in the US Air Force a few years ago about “Jesus loves nukes”.” The operative word here is “was”. Score another win for the good guy’s. This is an oblique reference to another blogger here that isn’t taking my point, no provocation intended.

      One thing to think about is that you (if you were American) maybe the patsy in that the politicians want you to be scared as to inflate military budgets and security operations. It is a circle jerk where Iran, Israel and the U.S. all get what they want. The level of the threat is not much beyond hot air as of yet. I would wait for real evidence and them keep in mind the yellow cake memo and the aluminum tube scam.

      Just because the Iranian centrifuges might come up, I would point out that there is a genuine concern there but, I was told this was a imminent threat over 12 years ago and that was definitely a false assumption. At this time I think it within our grasp to terminate the program at will, especial now that we have free up our troops in Iraq and soon Afghanistan and I would bet the Iranian know this. Better to play the game than to fight is my bet for the future.

      • Peter

        That program only ended in 2011 because of an outcry by the MRFF. That is not to say it can not be re-instated, by some paranoid fundamentalist wacko in the White House. I don’t think it will happen but who knows what the future holds. History has a way of taking odd and crazy turns. What is scary is the number of senior officers in the American military who are Christian fundamentalists and many believe they are on a mission from god. Scary. Wake up America.

    • Zed Zero

      Also more to your topic, I think a blood bath in Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and the Baltic along with nasty backlashes against Muslim riots in Germany, Britain and France is far more likely than the U.S. deciding to nuke the Middle East or anybody else. I really do hope we are tired of war for a least for a few years. So good sir unhand that crow forthwith.

    • A relevant snippet comes to mind here:

      “It is…not an exaggeration to say that if the city of New York were suddenly replaced by a ball of fire, some significant percentage of the American population would see a silver lining in the subsequent mushroom cloud, as it would suggest to them that the best thing that is ever going to happen was about to happen—the return of Christ.” – Sam Harris

      As you say, we really don’t want people who think like that in charge of the launch codes.