• UPDATE: Taliban declare that if 14-year old girl survives, they will shoot her again

    Savages, barbarians, plain and simple.  This is the sort of thing that calls out my inner Saint Just.


    The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which attacked National Award Peace winner Malala Yousafzai on Tuesday have said that they will target her again if she survives because she was a “secular-minded lady”.

    A TTP spokesperson told The Express Tribune that this was a warning for all youngsters who were involved in similar activites and added that they will be targeted if they do not stop.

      As the Hitch used to say: “They want to be martyrs?  We’re here to help.”

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    Article by: The Prussian

    • Time to pave Pakistan and put up a parking lot (for the Hindus)…

      • prussian

        I appreciate the anger, and I know that the sentiment is just loudmouth internet posturing, but with nuclear war a real possibility in the subcontinent, and with the Hindu fascists of the Shiv Sena and the RSS pushing for exactly that, which would see the deaths of hundreds of millions, and the destruction of India as a secular, scientific, democracy – this is not something to be mouthed off about. I think that the creation of Pakistan was a disaster, a criminal concession to Islamic sectarians, and one made far worse through the damn CIA installing Zia ul-Haq and his malevolent crowd; and I also think that India is the great unmentioned victim of the Jihad, one that should command far more of our solidarity than is usually mentioned – but that does not license nuclear war. Irresponsible stuff on this subject is worth avoiding. And I want to also add that the President of Pakistan awarded young Malala the first youth National Peace prize. We need more solidarity and support of people like this, not any empty stuff about “jes nuke ’em”.

        • Funny, I didn’t say anything about nukes- I was just agreeing with the Hitch

          • prussian

            Really? What, exactly, does “parking lot” refer to? And there’s a particularly ferocious young Hindu girl, member of one of these groups, who does talk in those terms. It’s a horrible, horrible possibility.

            I would like to see Pakistan dismantled, since I cannot believe any state founded on sectarian principles can ever be free, and as it is one of the most malevolent things on the planet. I’m glad that we both agree with the Hitch, but I still believe this is an issue that demands the highest levels of seriousness.

            • So when Joni Mitchell sang “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot” she was saying they nuked paradise to put up a parking lot?

              And your level of seriousness is to blog about it and that’s it? Or do you have anything constructive to say- how do you think we should deal with these types of people?

    • No Such Thing As Blasphemy

      What is scary is that this is not an empty threat. Pakistan has shown that it cannot protect victims of violent attacks from further violence. I wrote about this recently:

    • prussian

      To Joe G, we might side with those in Pakistan who are all over the streets in fury at this grisly atrocity. And, yes of course, the Taliban need to be hunted down. That’s not the same thing as paving all of Pakistan.

      • LoL! my comment was a take on the Joni Mitchell song- go smoke a bone and have a brew…