• Homophobia rate among British Muslims: 100%

    Anti youtube/google protest in London

    Well, this is disturbing.

    Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance towards homosexual acts compared to their counterparts in France and Germany, according to a survey published today.

    The most dramatic contrast was found in attitudes towards homosexuality. None of the 500 British Muslims interviewed  believed that homosexual acts were morally acceptable.

    By comparison, 35% of French Muslims found homosexual acts to be acceptable. A question on pornography also elicited different reactions, with French and German Muslims more likely than British Muslims to believe that watching or reading pornography was morally acceptable.

    And not much better for other manifestations of sexuality failing the Sharia test.

    On the issue of sexual relations between unmarried men and women, general populations surveyed express similar views, with the majority believing it was acceptable. But the Muslim populations polled again reflected greater diversity on the matter. French Muslims ranked highest again, with 48% believing it was acceptable, followed by 27% of German Muslims responding favourably. British Muslims came last, with only 3% of those questioned personally believing that sex between unmarried men and women was moral. There was a similar outcome when asked for their views on extra-marital affairs.

    And on overall statistics for Islam in the UK:

    Results from the United Kingdom Census 2011 suggesting that by 2011 the total Muslim population had reached 2.7 million, 4.8% of the total population.[2] The vast majority of Muslims in the United Kingdom live in England and Wales: of 1,591,000 Muslims recorded at the 2001 Census,[3] 1,536,015 were living in England and Wales,[4] where they formed 3% of the population in 2001; 42,557 were living in Scotland, forming 0.84% of the population;[5] and 1,943 were living in Northern Ireland.[6] In 2011, it was reported that United Kingdom has around 100,000 converts to Islam (gaining 40,000 since 2001) with 66% of them being women. The number of conversions seems to be increasing, in 2011 alone there were 5,200 converts for that year.

    Well who knows, in not too distant a future stories of Sharia enforcement in London or sexual segragation at University College London may no longer be isolated cases.

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    Article by: No Such Thing As Blasphemy

    I was raised in the Islamic world. By accident of history, the plague that is entanglement of religion and government affects most Muslim majority nations a lot worse the many Christian majority (or post-Christian majority) nations. Hence, I am quite familiar with this plague. I started doubting the faith I was raised in during my teen years. After becoming familiar with the works of enlightenment philosophers, I identified myself as a deist. But it was not until a long time later, after I learned about evolutionary science, that I came to identify myself as an atheist. And only then, I came to know the religious right in the US. No need to say, that made me much more passionate about what I believe in and what I stand for. Read more...
    • Carl

      No surprise there with the intolerance of the religion itself it is one of the most hateful towards Women also. I wonder if they will ever get out of the 6th century. Hmm probably not.

    • qbsmd

      The question naturally raised by this is why is there a large difference between Muslims in Brittain vs. in Germany and France? Do France or Germany have a stricter immigration system that filters out most islamists? Does some policy in Brittain encourage radicalization?

      • The gay media and the gay leaders have been complicit with the spread of violent homophobia in Britain. The gay media and the gay leaders are leftwing, and they refuse to criticise muslims.

        Muslims in Britain have spent 20 years driving gay people out of east London, and the gay media have been silent about this. http://4freedoms.com/group/gays/forum/topics/gay-free-zone-tower-hamlets

        When 8 muslims attacked a gay man outside a gay bar in east London, and left him paralysed for life, the gay media did not report it. When one of the gang was later imprisonsed for this attack (the rest got away with it), the gang returned with more muslims and beat up all the customers in the bar. The gay media did not report that either. The gay media and gay leadership attack anyone gay who speaks about these things; naturally the mainstream media keep quiet if the gay media are not making a noise about these things.

        The islamic nazi party (Hizb ut Tahri) holds conferences in London, where they get 10,000 muslims in attendance. http://www.newstatesman.com/node/152440 This party advocates the extermination of gay people, and the gay media (and the rest of the media) remain silent about its existence and its policies. It is rare to see a single report on this party in the mainstream media in any year.

        This islamic Nazi party has more members in Britain than in any other non-muslim country in the world (even though France has twice as many muslims as Britain). A group of people who used to be in this islamic nazi party did an analysis for the British government in 2010, and the analysis concluded there were now 20 islamic nazi organisations in Britain.

        One ex-socialist in Britain now describes the capital city as “Londonistan”. It is not just gays who are suffering: over 50% of all attacks on jews in London are done by muslims. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7831897.stm

        The situation is like Germany in the 1930s.

    • Kirran

      A massive problem, I agree, and one must applaud those brave Muslim groups standing up for equality, like Muslims for Progressive Values, like Imaan, like the now-defunct Al-Fatiha Foundation, like the Inclusive Mosque.

      One thing I’d like to raise on your stats – it is often quoted that 100,000 people in the UK have converted to Islam. This ignores the stats which show that 75% of those have since left Islam. So that’s 25,000 converts. Also, it ignores the stats that 15% of people born to Muslim backgrounds in Western countries will go on to leave Islam. This would suggest a further 418,000 ex-Muslims in the UK.

      So you have, roughly, 493,000 ex-Muslims in the UK vs. 25,000 converts (or reverts, if you prefer) to Islam.

      Just to clear up those stats.