• Jim Nabors and the Impossible Dream

    I rarely even glance at the celebrity stories that pop up on my browser’s front page.  Justin Bieber?  Who he?  Lindsay Lohan?  Who cares?  Lance Armstrong?  I know vaguely who he is, but thought for the longest time that “Tour de France” involved visiting vineyards in the Côtes du Rhône.  But this story caught my eye and made me happy.

    Jim Nabors, 82, the Gomer Pyle of my distant youth, and Stan Cadwallader, 64, his partner of 38 years, have just made honest men of each other.  The wedding was in Washington State rather than their home state of Hawaii, because my good neighbours a few clicks to the south have recently legalized same-sex marriage.  Good on them.

    “”I’m very happy that I’ve had a partner of 38 years and I feel very blessed. And, what can I tell you, I’m just very happy,” Nabors said.”

    Good old Gomer.  The rawboned, loose-limbed, good-thinking naïf who shambled his way across our small screens in the 60s and 70s – the next thing to a village idiot until he opened his mouth to sing:


    Congratulations, Nabors & Cadwallader.  Not such an impossible dream, after all.

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    Article by: Rebecca Bradley

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    1. It warms the heart to see these older men coming out. I hope it influences the younger generations to do the same before they get old. I can live happily in a world where people are openly gay. It bothers me learn that some have to hide their sexual orientation.

    2. I watched Gomer Pyle when it first screened in Australia and over many decades, watched the re-runs as generation after generation discovered the fun & simplicity of a brilliant comedian & actor. I recall vividly the Impossible Dream episode and my total open-mouthed amazement as that extraordinary voice spilled out and resonated in our lounge-room, prompting my mother to call out from another room, “whose beautiful voice is that?” and her shock when we answered! Since then, I’ve revisited Impossible Dream hundreds of times and from every performer I came across that covered it. To this day, Jim Nabors’ version is my favourite, my go to performance of that fantastic song! I’ll miss Jim Nabors and am extremely thankful that his prolific body of work is more accessible today than it ever has been, a treasure to unearth in the endless Internet universe!

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