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Posted on Jun 27, 2013 in EWTS2013 | 3 comments

Irish eyes will be smiling

1044823_10151510322929327_1636149682_nI’m currently sitting in the lobby of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre International Airport waiting for my flight to Philadelphia which will connect me to Dublin, Ireland.

I leave Philadelphia at 9:00PM local time and will arrive in Dublin around 9AM Dublin time to later report on the Empowering Women Through Secularism conference [Update: The flight leaving to Philadelphia may be delayed because of inclement weather and may instead leave at 8:03PM local time – Update 2: I am now in a rental car with two strangers — whose flights to Philadelphia were also cancelled — en route to Philadelphia in order to catch the flight to Dublin that hopefully will not be delayed.].

Stay tuned to my Facebook page, Twitter feeds (main, alternate 1, alternate 2), #EWTS on Twitter (unless the conference hashtag changes/is established), and Brave Hero Radio for updates and reporting (see more concerning the June 30 Brave Hero Radio episode here). All of this is possible thanks to promotion, support, and donations from brave heroes who funded my expedition.

As always, feel free to leave comments below. Consider this an open thread in which you can leave airline travel tips, tourism suggestions for Dublin, your thoughts concerning the Empowering Women Through Secularism conference and/or its speakers/attendees, or whatever else you would like while considering the comment policy of the Skeptic Ink Network. I plan to be in Dublin on Friday, so I have some time to explore!

  • Chill Chick

    If you have time for sightseeing, forget the Book of Kells – it’s overhyped and disappointing. I mean the book itself is beautiful, but you only get a brief glimpse of it in a dark room before you get rushed out. Check out the nearby National Museum instead.

  • DK

    I was just reading someone complaining about attacks on “straw-feminists”, claiming that the vast majority of feminists today are sex-positive liberals who only want equality and choice, with just a few radicals on the lunatic fringe.

    I’m not sure how they’d explain away the fact that so many of the speakers at EWTS are firmly on the Marxist/radical feminist side of the debate, including several who are anti-porn/prostitution activists.

    Kate Smurthwaite’s a particularly unpleasant character even by radical feminist standards. She achieved notoriety in the feminist community for picketing the funeral of former male escort Sebastian Horsley because she was offended by his (admittedly rather acerbic) support for sex workers.

    Compare that God Hates Fags style feminist activism, which upset a dead man’s grieving friends and family, with the kind of things that get classified as harassment by certain members of the FTB crowd…

  • Guest

    Have a great trip, Justin! Be careful! Don’t let your harassers frame you for something you don’t do!