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Posted on Jun 26, 2013 in local | 13 comments

Setting the record straight

ScreenHunter_293 Jun. 26 15.27Confusion and rumors persist 41 months later – some citizens of Northeastern Pennsylvania continue to falsely believe that I had entered into a public drunken stupor and urinated on a nativity scene on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

People continue to confuse me with Nathan Strawn, a Catholic King’s College student who urinated on a nativity scene, although we only have two things in common: we were — at the time — King’s College students and had received significant media attention which involved nativity scenes.

In 2009, I contacted the ACLU concerning a stand-alone nativity display on grounds of the Luzerne County Courthouse and — with help of the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State — the nativity display was removed and later integrated into an inclusive display.

In 2010, Nathan Strawn admitted to urinating on a nativity scene while drunk and authored an apology letter following his action.

I suppose local individuals — remembering tidbits from news articles — think “King’s College student,” “Justin Vacula,” and “urinate” instead of “King’s College student,” “Nathan Strawn,” and “urinate” – recalling I was in the news concerning a nativity scene and erroneously linking me with urination on a nativity scene. I don’t fault local media for this, but rather believe people are confused while remembering small bits from local reporting.

I am not Nathan Strawn.

I did not urinate on a nativity scene.

Hopefully this will dispel confusion.

  • Richard Watkins

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  • Skepsheik

    Yes or no answer.
    Have you stopped urinating on the nativity scene?

  • Richard Sanderson

    These religuious-based liars are almost as bad as the bullies from FreeThoughtBlogs and Skepchick!

  • f_galton

    I’m impressed. I get publicly drunk all the time, but unlike you I’ve never urinated on a nativity scene.

  • Jeff

    I think you should apologize anyway, Justin. It seems to be the right response these days.

  • Since you did not denounce urinating at nativity scenes, it doesn’t matter whether or not you did not do it personally.


  • AGTfan

    Coming from someone who was there for the last two years of Justin’s education at King’s and living in the same building as him during his final year, I can strongly say that this is solely being put out for ATTENTION! He’s notorious for drawing attention to himself and then playing the victim card. Justin, stop already! This isn’t affecting anyone’s life and I’m pretty sure everyone has forgotten it by now.

    • Caias Ward

      Someone unknown by Justin or others brought it up in an unrelated article as recently as a month ago.

      Your argument is invalid.

  • Atheist Loki

    I piss on nativity scenes sober, so as not to tarnish the good name of alcohol.

  • peter

    I don’t understand. Why did you not urinate on the nativity scene?

  • Skepsheik

    We might forgive the piss but you need to denounce the shit!

  • Ana

    A nativity scene pissed on me!

  • Didgya

    Easy one for people to get confused.
    Nathan pissed on the Nativity scene and your words (metaphorically) said piss on the Nativity scene. I concur :)