• A brief history of the death of PC gaming

    “Computer games will be our decades (sic) 8 track tape or beta max

    Based on original art & concept from Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw of ZeroPunctuation.

    Oakstout, 2009

    When did PC gaming die? Almost every year it has existed. At least, as long as it has been a well-established market. The story of the perennial non-death of PC gaming is a great lesson in critical thinking and a case study in popular nonsense. I’ve played PC games since the 80’s, so I can speak to what it’s like to be a PC gamer, and how gaming has changed over the years.

    PC Gaming has gotten so much better, in almost every way. Every year. The market has expanded consistently, from a tiny niche in the 80’s, to a massive global powerhouse that made 24.4 billion dollars in 2014 and is projected to make 30 billion by 2017.

    Everything is easier, better, and cheaper than ever before. Younger people will not know how painful PC gaming was in the early-to-mid 90’s. Without standardized hardware or gaming program interfaces, you sometimes had to have just the right brand and model of video card and/or sound card to play a game, or play it well. There was no such thing as a software patch. There was no such thing as a digital download or, for the most part, online multiplayer. An upper-end gaming PC cost at least $2000 in 1992. In 2015 dollars, that’s $3400. Today, a great gaming PC can be had for under $500, that’s almost 7 times cheaper. And this is to say nothing of software. Every game used to be $40-70 (in 2015 dollars). Today there are crazy Steam sales with AAA titles at slashed prices. You can click a button and be playing in a few minutes. This barely scratches the surface of how gaming has gotten better for gamers over the years.

    This is not to say there has been nothing to complain about. There have been problems with draconian digital rights management, piracy, regressive visual standards due to the influence of console gaming, and other quality problems. But in the big picture, these are minor gripes, and usually temporary ones.

    Also, in no years documented below was there are trend toward failure of the PC market. There are slow years, as there is for almost any product on the market, but one slow year is not a pattern. Consoles rose to take a large share of the gaming market, but this is evidence of a larger gaming market maturing and growing, not pruning off PC gaming. The trend has always been upward, and it still is today.

    Why do we salivate for destruction?

    The idea of the dying of the PC game market is so wrong-headed, contradicted by virtually every kind of evidence available. Why was everyone so quick to believe it, and re-believe it post-deconstruction? Why has it been so hard for the facts to halt the madness? I won’t answer that in this post, but it is the question I want you to think about. It’s why I am writing this.


    IGN: Is PC Gaming Dying?

    According to this IGN article which is still online, the PC market will “continue to decline” because of the heterogeneity of PCs, related development costs, and larger sales of console games. This article might be seen as a rebuttal to… IGN’s staff article from several months earlier  about the best-selling games at the time, four of which were PC games, and how this bade well for PC gaming. Good call IGN, your prescience continues to amaze us.


    Mobygames: Is PC gaming dead?

    The writer is arguing the contrary, but why?

    Over the last couple of years, many pundits and supporters alike have called the PC game industry dead. Even publications like PC Gamer have started to talk more and more about console platforms like the upcoming Microsoft X-Box. But is PC gaming really dead, or is this nothing more than another media scare? Does the X-Box signal the end of games on PCs?

    Apparently, by February 2002, the idea of the dying PC gaming industry, because consoles, was already widespread.


    PC Magazine: Doom 4: End of the Game Industry? “Am I the only one who expects a collapse of the gaming business soon?”

    …and people wonder why PC gaming is dying.

    /insert *rolls eyes* icon here

    A moderator rolls their eyes at a griper. Even laughing at doom-sayers is over a decade old, at the least. The griper has decided PC gaming is dying because one game from a small developer shipped with a bug while a patch was forthcoming. Seems reasonable.

    Ubi forums

    I am affraid pc gaming is dying due to cost.

    Hang in there, deadlyfireww2. You’ll one day see a console that costs $500 and is weaker than a PC of the same price.


    Gamershell.com: PC Gaming is Dying

    PC Gaming is dying. How’s that for an opening line from a die-hard PC gamer?

    No more pussyfooting around. Anthony Brock isn’t asking the question, he’s answering it. Again, the blame here is consoles and defection of developers to consoles, but he also mixes in some good ol’ elitism, writing, Perhaps it’s the same reason I hate reality TV, nu-metal, and heroin: The enjoyment of each requires you to have the IQ of a glass of water. Anthony is deep and smart, and needs the highfalutin stimulation you can only get from War Shooter with Guns and Sewers Part 7. Maybe he’s the first member of the Glorious PC Master Race.

    There are a slew of forum comments expressing the idea in 2005 as well, like this one from Elegnaim blaming piracy or this one where a forum-goer said Microsoft admitted PC gaming was dying (because the MS games division was not showing growth.)


    IGN Blizzard interview

    When asked why Blizzard was so successful as a PC developer when so many industry analyst claim that PC gaming is dying, Sams replied, “I think it’s because we try to be as accommodating and reach as broad of an audience as possible.”

    Perhaps citing the same “industry analysts” from 5 years before (but without providing any actual citation or references), IGN once again implied the death of the PC gaming industry as if it were common knowledge. They refrained from speculating on why the death from 5 years before didn’t stick.

    Attack of the Show: The Loop: Is PC Gaming Dead? “When it comes to PC, what is it more than World of Warcraft at this point?”

    : Analyze This: The Current State of the PC Game Business

    Ultimately, I think that the PC games market stays about the same size, while console/handheld game sales grow by around 50%. -Michael Pachter

    Retail spending on packaged PC games will decline to 2010 for a host of factors which have combined to erode the appeal of PC gaming to consumers. -Ed Barton

    Tom’s Hardware forums

    I was browsing news articles online and saw one about pc gaming and how it has been seeing a steady decline since 1999. I know that the next gen consoles are out and they do kick ass, I would like to know why pc gaming is dying.


    SlashdotPC Gaming is dying,” the analysts tell us.
    Those mysterious unnamed, unsourced analysts again. Since it’s 2007, the blogs are gaining numbers and influence. Here are a few.

    I have been reading for quite a while about the decline of PCs as a gaming platform. It never really made sense to me… until Angry Overeducated Catholic bought me “Warhammer”… The PC gaming market deserves to fail. –12 Angry Men Blog

    PC gaming is dying. While unfortunate, it makes sense. 5 years ago, at least for me, PC gaming was where the serious gaming was at.-Joe Monti

    Videogamer.com: PC gaming is dead

    And of course comments on popular websites, among others.

    Now you know why PC gaming is dying! –Penny Arcade

    PC gaming is dying anyway. Even though PC game sales rose by 1% last year, it is clear that console gaming is here to stay and that PC gaming is on the decline. –Geek.com

    No wonder PC gaming is dying! …I truly despair of PC gaming. –Gamingtruth

    THIS is the main reason PC Gaming is dying. Companies used to actually care about the product they released. Not as much now. Now, it’s about profit. –ttlg forums


    NBC News: Is PC gaming dying? Or thriving?

    Just 7 years on, mainstream media catches wind of the story and treats it with their usual care and sensibility.

    CliffyB of Epic Games:

    The PC is just in disarray… What’s driving the PC right now is Sims-type games and WoW and a lot of stuff that’s in a web-based interface.  …So for me, the PC is kind of the secondary part of what we’re doing. It’s important for us, but right now making AAA games on consoles is where we’re at.”


    It’s not just dying, it’s already dead. Totally. In fact…all game developers that feel that way should quickly flee to the, um … console market, right now. -Brad Wardell CEO of Stardock

    By this time, opposition to the myth is finally mounting.

    Slashgear: Online gaming subscriptions hit over $1 billion a year
    Tweakguides: Let me make one thing clear: PC gaming is not dying.


    IGN changes its mind. After just 8 years of getting it completely wrong, IGN decided (direct quote), it was high time we took a look at the health of the PC platform from as objective a viewpoint as possible. I guess even IGN thinks that IGN’s articles are not objective. Still, the writer clung to a diagnosis of substantial problems. It’s almost as if IGN hates PC gaming and wishes them to die.

    Oakstout: The life support. “Computer games will be our decades 8 track tape or beta max.” (sic)


    The Escapist forum has a poll: Is PC gaming going to die? 538 forum-goers responded. Just 3.3% said yes and 85% said no. Gamers, at least in this one internet forum, soundly reject the idea.  On the other hand…
    Gamesbrief.com: Five reasons why Steam will destroy the PC games industry
    HotHardware.com: Kinect Developer Declares PC FPS Gamers A Dying Breed
    Slashdot: Digital Distribution Numbers Speak to Health of PC Game Industry
    PSXOBS.com Report Shows Annual PC Hardware Sales Doubling Console Sales


    On Reddit.com, the satirical subreddit  “Glorious PC Master Race” was created based on Ben Croshaw’s pejorative description of elitist PC gamers. Read more about /r/pcmasterrace. The forum has humor, but it is also a place for PC enthusiasts rebelling against popular dumb.

    The Escapist: Skip to 00:18. “PC Gaming is Dead”

    ZDNet: Forget the gaming PC, buy a console
    Destructoid: The decline in PC gaming. “PC is now an afterthought when it comes to big releases for games”
    Terminally Incoherent: So PC Gaming is Really Dying, Eh? (author argues yes, yes it is.)
    Giantbomb forum: Here’s why PC Gaming is Dying.
    TGDaily.com: PC gaming is dead, even id says so

    Arguing for the negative:

    Technically Easy
    : PC Gaming to Surpass Console Gaming in Revenue by 2015
    RockPaperShotgun: PC IS STRONG: PC Games Revenue Up 19%.


    In 2012 Roccat created a website and marketing campaign “isn’t PC gaming dead?” to sell its mobile app for controlling PC games and computers.

    HotHardware.com: ESA Figures Prove What We’ve Suspected For Years: Classic PC Gaming is Dying

    In 2012, it’s hard to find reputable outlets making the claim outright. We start to see more qualified statements like “true”, “classic”, or “traditional” PC gaming is dead. But this just seems like face-saving after years of embarrassingly wrong predictions. We also still see articles written as if its heard frequently, like Darkstation.com‘s Jonathan Miley. he argued against the myth, but nonetheless wrote, These days, it’s common to hear that PC gaming is dying, and depending on who is saying it, it may seem completely true.

    Blogs and forums are holding fast to the myth, yet.

    The Escapist. The AAA Gaming Industry Is Going To Crash.
    Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer: This is How PC Gaming Ends… Not with a Bang, but with a Whimper


    GameSkinny.com: “Piracy is Killing the PC” – Game Devs Predict a Grim Future for PC Gaming
    This post is not about piracy, but at this point I really wonder why nobody notices rampant piracy of TV, movies, and music doesn’t kill those industries.
    RockPaperShotgun: PC Gaming In Still Not Dead Shocker.
    RPS stays on the straight and narrow.


    The Gadget Show: Death of the Desktop PC

    TechBuffalo: PC Gaming Dead? Hardware Market Size Doubles Console Gaming
    Dualshockers: Steam Passes 8 Million Concurrent Users.
    Eurogamer: Dean Hall: “So much for the death of PC gaming” as DayZ hits 1m sales in one month


    This year, at last, the myth is officially dead and repeated only by random individuals around the internet with the same relative frequency as those who argue Obama is a space reptile.

    Kotaku: PC Gaming Is Growing Dramatically In Australia
    Steam: 10.8 million concurrent users today (September 6th)

    This seems like a happy ending, at least, until you google “consoles are dying” and see the whole process repeating itself, exactly as before.


    On Consoles vs. PC and being a “gamer”

    This post is not an argument that PC is better for games or that game consoles are bad. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. I love my Wii U as much as my PC. I don’t care about those debates. This post isn’t about those, it is about how readily large numbers of people will buy a story with no evidence and bountiful counter-evidence, and that this can go on for decades.

    I don’t identify as a “gamer” because that doesn’t seem like a coherent identity to me. Today, everyone under 60 has or does play some video games. Gamers are almost everyone. So saying “I’m a gamer” is pretty empty, like saying “I’m a reader,” or “I’m a film watcher.” It says almost nothing about you, and if you think there is some genre or platform that makes you a “real” gamer, you’re one of the elitist snobs Yahtzee was ridiculing as the GPCMR. And you deserve it.

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  • Article by: Edward Clint

    Ed Clint is an evolutionary psychologist, co-founder of Skeptic Ink, and USAF veteran.
    • ElectroMagneticJosh

      I am not surprised to see PC gaming the rise again and a drop in console gaming (but I would not suggest consoles are dying) because of how they have been changing. As someone who has, since the 80s, owned and played multiple consoles and been a heavy PC-gamer I have getting disappointed with consoles recently.

      In my view two of the best reasons for owning a console were 1) The games available (often exclusives during the height of the 90s console-wars) and 2) The games would always work when I put in the disc or cartridge (if it didn’t something was defective).

      As you described; PC games always had the niggly issues of software and hardware compatibility as well as the issue memory not being used “correctly” (remember boot-disks?). Installation could take a while and hard-disk space was often a commodity.

      In the last two console generations I have noticed something. The advantages consoles had over PCs are slipping (they too now require big installs and require patches).

      This current generation is the first time I have failed to have at least one of the consoles since I had my first NES. Mostly because Steam (and other online platforms) make purchasing and installing games so much easier. I also am not tied to just Steam’s store (unlike the Xbox live or Playstation network) on my PC.

      I am seriously wondering if the “brand-exclusive” console is still a good idea. For my money a single-game format manufactured by different companies seems a good idea for that market. Each console would differentiate it’s self by things like their controller, peripherals, online capabilities, technical power (you can all run the same games by Sony’s can do it in 4K while Microsoft only offers a 1080p version), and pricing. Of course that sounds like a near impossible goal for the console market to agree on but, in many ways, that is exactly what PCs are achieving.

      Basically PC games are easier to run than ever and consoles games have actually gone backwards. Neither are dying in any real sense currently but I personally hope one aspect of console gaming (the platform-exclusive aspect) does go away.

      Anyway – that’s tangential to the excellent article you wrote.

      • Thanks for your comment Josh. There is definitely convergence happening. PCs, or at least some PCs like the Alienware Alpha, have become much more console-like, and consoles have become more PC-like. Perhaps, the troubles with console patches and the like are akin to early PC gaming’s problems- growing pains that just need to get sorted out with time and experience. The technologies and public expectations change fast, maybe it’s hard to keep up. We can hope…

      • SortingHat

        Too bad as Steam sales suck and aren’t really any different then the original price maybe only 10$ off. Big deal.

        I am willing to pay full price instead of being on pins and needles waiting for the *big* sale which only outside of indie titles there isn’t any big drop offs in prices.

        Even things I already own I look at prices and they are not much different then the base price.

        Euro Truck Simulator 2 is only 19.99$ and their steam sale is 9.99$ where 5 years ago it would’ve been able to get for around 5$

        I got it for 5$ in their last really big sale in 2013ish when a lot of quality titles were super super low.

        Train Simulator is only 15$ off the base price when I got it I got it at a super low price including a few add ons. Glad I did it too as I had a feeling the ultra low 75% off or more wasn’t going to last very much longer due to the PC death.

      • SortingHat

        Train Simulator is no lower then 25 to 30$ now where I got it for 19.99$ish.

    • I wonder if the tech/gaming press is even more susceptible to socially constructing an ongoing narrative out of thin air than the (presumably) more professional journos reporting on mainstream news.

      • Plasma Neko

        I think some of this might have been click bait articles. When presented with the possibilities of either a vast conspiracy or simple greed, always bet on greed.

    • Cam

      What is this peasantry ?

    • ncovington89

      As long as there are pcs there will be people who want to use those pcs for gaming, hence pc gamers. Why did no one but ign grasp that simple wisdom?

    • Mikefulton

      A gaming PC was $2000 in 1992? I would love to see a BOM for that ‘cos I think mine was closer to half that much.


      deadlyfireww2 was so wrong.

    • Technocality

      This is exactly why I prefer to play on consoles, and have turned away from PC gaming. The only ones who still play on PC, are pirates and “elitists” who only buy games via Steam sales. Developers and publishers knows, that there isn’t any money to be made from PC, which is why every noticable game that isn’t made by Valve, is first and foremost made with consoles in mind. Consoles gets way more exclusives because of this, and only if sales have gone beyond initial expectations, will they release a game on PC. But only if they’re real nice, since they don’t have to.

      I don’t care what any PC gamers will tell me otherwise, I know what I’m talking about. Making a video game for PC today, is simply too risky, because piracy and Steam sales, makes the publishers lose their money. There might be piracy related issues on consoles as well, but it’s not as easy as on the PC. I don’t know how to pirate any PS4 games, and I don’t want to. However, I do know how to do so, on the PC. The same thing goes for all my friends. Sony and MS has already taken drastically measures to prevent this, more sos than can be done on PC, by permanently banning users and systems, that they detect illegal material on. So contrary to what PC gamers might say, this just simply isn’t an issue for consoles.

      Furthermore, not everyone has the money or the time, to maintain a PC. Gaming might be a hobby, but to many, it’s not a hobby that consumes their whole lives and existence. Many PS2/PS3 & Xbox gamers are grown ups today, and we have got jobs, friends and girlfriends that we want to spend time and money on, rather than on something as unimportant as gaming. We don’t live with our parents anymore, so we can’t play video games all day long, every day of the week. Not to mention, many would rather use their weekends on getting wasted by alcohol while having real social interaction and fun, rather than getting wasted in CS:GO.

      But no, PC gaming isn’t “dead” technically speaking. They just still play the same few games, that they’ve been playing for the past 10 years i.e. Counter Strike, Team Fortress, LoL, WoW, Diablo 2 & 3, Half-Life 2, Portal, and Battlefield 2. Maybe some CoD and DOTA too. But hey, some people find joy in repetitiveness and prefer to remain in their comfort zones their whole lives. I would personally be bored to death, but that’s just me.

      For me, the enjoyment comes from the easiness. Whenever I want to play, I just turn on my PS4, lie back on my couch and enjoy my 60 inches of awesomeness. I don’t have to worry about my game’s graphics settings, downloading new drivers, installation issues, game freezing and crashing, I just play it right there and then. Graphics and frame rates doesn’t matter to console gamers, because we first and foremost, care about the gameplay. A foreign term for gamers of the PC.

      • El_Trusty

        If only we all could talk out of our ass like you just did.

      • Plasma Neko

        Consoles are more expensive than a decent PC this generation.
        You don’t have to maintain anything, and they’re not expensive if you know what you’re doing.

        Also, please provide evidence that piracy and steam make developers not want to release their games on PC.

        And “getting wasted” everyone weekend seems like a cry for help.
        Yeah, connecting with other people is cool, but why do you have to drink heavily to do that?
        Just have one or two drinks to relax.
        Also don’t try to shame people that aren’t as successful as you in life. Maybe some people have problems that make it difficult to move out of their parents house, make friends, or date.

      • Mega Man

        PC Gaming is dead and only ones that doesn’t realise that are PC gamers. There are only 37 million PC gamers in the world and over 450 million console gamers. This is because of Steam. Big stores sell what sells, thats it, and they won’t sell PC games no more, only consoles and console games. So whitch one you buy if you havent heard of no PC or consoles before, console offcorse, because no one are selling PC games no more (when was the last time you have seen PC exclusive games TV commersial?). I’v worked with games store manager for 22 years now, and I know what i’m talking about. After 10 years from now, there would be almost impossible to find any headsets, mouses, keyboards… that are ment for PC gamers, just because no brand wants to make an effort for so thiny market, when there is over 15 times bigger marker or 25 times maby then, console gamers. Steam knows this and try to mage theyr own console, but they don’t realise that no stores are so stubid that they want to sell Sream consoles, because there are no games to sell to it. Sorry I’m from Finland and my english sucks. If you arent convinced yet what I’m saying its true, try this calculation. Before there were over million PC games selling stores in the world and now only coupe 1000, how many new titles get shelltime then and how many today, now you get my point. Yuo cant want what you don’t know.

        • Nobody Nobody

          Nice ass pulled data

      • Anoniempje

        Alright, I’ve been reading alot of your comments and they’re unsettling. Not because they’re true, but because you have a tendency to lie or twist arguments. So here goes.

        Every platform has elitists, PC/PS/Xbox. They all have it and you know it. Then you say that there is no money to be made on PC. Now if this were true, the platform would’ve died long long ago. But hey, it hasn’t! Games like MMO’s, RPG’s, Shooters and indies are some of the strong genres that still run healthy on the PC platform. Oh and the exclusives thing? Bullcrap. PC has tonnes more exclusives. You just don’t know it.


        Okay, on this part I’m willing to give you credit. Pirating is a serious issue with PC Gaming. But that doesn’t discredit the entire platform. Steam, origin, Uplay and other gamehubs are still active and working. If piracy really was this immense problem that would turn off developers, everyone would’ve left already.

        Money or time to maintain a PC? Now here is where most people are mistaken. You don’t have to ”maintain” your rig. A console works in much the same way.

        A PC/Console has parts in it that warm up

        Cold air gets sucked in

        Warm air gets pushed out

        Dust gets in system

        … Sometimes PC gamers clean out their rig.

        BUT the big catch here is, you don’t need to do it every month. Or two months. Or four. Or at all! Unless you care about those one or two degrees difference in your system, you don’t need to remove dust from your pc. And face it, only a incredible minority in the pc community are that enthusiastic. Besides, consoles are released periodically which prevents you from noticing the long term effects of extreme dust build up.

        ”Many PS2/PS3 & Xbox gamers are grown ups today, and we have got jobs, friends and girlfriends that we want to spend time and money on, rather than on something as unimportant as gaming.”

        Oh that’s mean. You can’t say stuff like that. Again, many PC enthusiasts are normal people with normal jobs. We all have friends, family and girlfriends/boyfriends. And really, choosing how to spend your weekend is a personal choice. I myself like to sleep on saturday untill 14:00, then go to my grandparents and the rest of the day is usually spend gaming with my friends, be it GTA V or Guildwars2. It’s still social interaction.

        ”But hey, some people find joy in repetitiveness and prefer to remain in their comfort zones their whole lives. I would personally be bored to death, but that’s just me.”

        I like how this is feels like an attack, but you accidentally slapped yourself in the face. For someone that so is vigilantly anti-pc, you can’t say you don’t care. You’re either a really good troll, or a some PC gamer hurt you really bad. Because damn boy, you are hurt.

        Anyway, I’m not going to respond to anything you say. The only reason I made this comment is to show other people that walls of text are boring as fuck. And your arguments are senseless hate.

        I leave you with this video from LinusTechTips and the note that I personally wholeheartedly agree with this video:


    • Fred

      Good work collecting all these articles in one place.

    • Plasma Neko

      I don’t think there’s a “true gamer”, but I do think that there are definitely different categories of gamers(everyone) , and reasons that people play games.

      I personally switch between two types. western and Japanese RPGs alongside VNs, because I want to be immersed in a world, get to better understand the characters, see them through their struggles and triumphs, and learn more about myself and the real world.
      And then just anything difficult that I can challenge myself with. It can be against other humans or npcs. I sometimes just want to see what I can do.

      And there are people that just play games to pass the time on their phones. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t think me and that person should be grouped together.
      The term gamer means nothing, and if we really want to label ourselves(not really any point to that), we should define ourselves by why we play and what we get out of video games.

    • Fwdkiller253

      pc gaming is dead all of those accounts on csgo smurf accounts and dota 2 accounts its pretty sad there is nothing appealing to buy on pc.

    • SortingHat

      Also it’s harder to develop for 64 bit motherboards. A lot of gamers have had the same computer since 2002.

      64 bit didn’t get mainstreamed till 2010ish even though it was available back in 2003. Windows Vista killed a lot of independent companies that couldn’t keep up because of it’s switch to 64 bit it made a lot of devices and software non compatible.

      Even when tweaking it just trying to install a lot of software it would say “Sorry this is not compatible please contact your vendor”.
      Nobody wants to click on 5 different things to get a game to *maybe* work or a piece of useful software to maybe work.

      That’s why Linux hasn’t gone mainstream because even though they have WINE it requires too much fiddling to get that odd program to work and even then there is no guarantee it won’t be glitch free.

      Windows 10 is designed for the phone crowd as that’s what MS thinks the future is and the X-box crowd.

    • SortingHat

      What we need is a retro home computer simple enough to program on so family ran companies can come again. Now you need a team of 200 people or the size of a small army to make quality titles.

      It would be ROM based instead of RAM so it won’t be messy

      There really isn’t any independent software companies outside of a few Indie developers on Steam which most people won’t know about due to lack of advertising.

      And those are mostly the same FPS stuff we see on the big titles which are oversaturated.

      At one point in the late 90s was the hey-day of popular Edutainment games that had a focus on education but still had Nintendoish game play where you had cute colorful mascots.

      My favorite was Pajama Sam and Putt Putt Goes To The Moon/Travels Thru Time.etc done by Humongous Entertainment.

      They called it the Electronic Teacher back in the early 90s.

    • Nobody Nobody

      Console is a cancer that needs to stop.