• Boycott the Boy Scouts of America

    If you just arrived in America today, you might assume the  all-male youth organization dedicated to snappy, highly accessorized uniforms and manly woodland excursions would be a fun, tolerant group of people. Instead, like a gay delusional Christian on their wedding night, you just wind up frustrated and confused.

    The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is symbolic of America’s tortured conscience, its delusional self-image problem. That is why an organization which says that its goal is to help boys become young men of character and virtue kicks out ones that not only have scrupulously demonstrated their worth for years, but displayed true moral courage as few people that age will ever do. The BSA can and will boot you for being gay or for not believing in a god— two things that have nothing to do with character or virtue. It’s not exactly the hallmark of patriotism either. The BSA bills itself as deeply patriotic, but kicking out people for being different? Where is respect for freedom in that? How can you good ol’ American liberty while persecuting people?

    Whoever is propping up these comically obsolete strictures are clearly very frightened people. They deeply fear change, the future, and people who are either not like them… or are a little too much like them for their comfort, and that’s a shame. I was never a scout or interested in scouting, but I understand many are and that it means a lot to them. Excluding them so sooth insecurities is just grotesque and I defy you to watch this and not agree:


     But wait, aren’t they are private group? Isn’t it their right to discriminate?

    Well, yes and no. Thanks to a congressional charter, they do get a load of tax dollars. That’s outside the scope of this writing, but watch Penn & Teller to learn more about that.

    But the answer is yes, they are nominally a private organization that can define its own rules and regulations, including hateful ones. That’s why we are calling for a boycott. As a private individual, you have the right to choose not to support them.

    The Chick-Fil-A fiasco from earlier this year proved that public sentiment and boycotting can push even large organizations (or corporations) away from socially regressive positions. This may be one reason why both Intel and UPS has ceased all of its funding of the BSA. Kudos to them.

    What you can do

    • Help us raise awareness and keep the conversation going
    • Do not support the BSA by buying Christmas trees/wreaths from them
    • Do not donate funds until and unless they change their policies
    • Do not participate in any capacity

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  • Article by: Edward Clint

    Ed Clint is a bioanthropology graduate student at UCLA, cofounder of Skeptic Ink, and USAF veteran.
    • Larry Gagnon

      I heartily agree with your sentiments and desire to boycott the BSA. Just a quick word though, to readers from countries other than the USA. You own scouting association is NOT affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. For instance in Canada scouting accepts homosexuals and there is no requirement to believe in an imaginary friend

      • Yes. Also the Girl Scouts of the US.. nothing to do with the Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts is a delightful, tolerant organization.

    • Kwame

      Not so fast! I kinda see where the BSA is coming from. With recent upheavals of child predators sprouting in the most unusual places (i.e. Penn State and Sesame Street), I think an organization whose primary membership is young, under-age boys should be extremely cautious and do thorough background checks as well as use any means to ensure the security and safety of these innocent boys. Lest we remind ourselves that many child predators were molested by ‘trusted’ authority figures.

      • tev

        and many of those trusted authority figures were in fact affiliated with a church that demonized homosexuals and atheists.

        • uh, no, the examples he cited weren’t affiliated with a church, you fucking dishonest faggot

    • Bob Geier

      It’s truly a shame that we can’t disagree with fellow citizens without trying to boycott and defund them, isn’t it?

      The Boy Scouts, to their credit, have never tried to deny access to LGBT groups. They’ve never gone to court to try to force atheist organizations to admit fundamentalist Christians. They’ve never celebrated when corporations have cut funding to any educational program for kids.

      Why would we celebrate that? It’s well established research that children exposed to the outdoors in meaningful ways are far more likely to be supportive of environmental causes as adults. Simply as a matter of good strategy, we should be funding the Boy Scouts because it takes boys from religious families and puts them in an environment which is likely to make them more environmentally and socially responsible than their parents or church would make them without the Boy Scouts.

      Plus we should do our homework. Having a Congressional Charter is no different than having a state charter. It just means you’re a corporation. It does NOT mean that you get any tax dollars. Compared with all of the other corporate welfare for private entities ranging from Monsanto to Defense Contractors, the fact that the Boy Scouts used to get help from the military as part of a military training exercise is pretty small potatoes.

      Besides, that’s just rational, smart recruiting by the military, who knows that scouts volunteer for the military in very high numbers compared to other groups, and the training cost for scouts is less because they come with field skills. Let’s not argue against government being efficient with our resources.

    • what a faggot…go cry about homos, nerd

      it’s hilarious that you whine about retarded jesters like Rebecca Watson but can’t see that the overwhelming liberalism in academia (evidenced by this post) is the reason why you have to put up with her