• Skeptic Ink Welcomes Stephen Law

    I’m very excited to welcome the one and only Stephen Law to Skeptic Ink. For the uninitiated, Dr. Law is a UK philosopher and editor of the Royal Institute of Philosophy journal Think. He has also bested William Lane Craig in open debate, a none-too-small accomplishment.

    Dr. Law’s site at Skeptic Ink is called Believing Bullshit, named after his excellent guide to critical thought, Believing Bullshit: How Not to Get Sucked into an Intellectual Black Hole.

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  • Article by: Edward Clint

    Ed Clint is a bioanthropology graduate student at UCLA, cofounder of Skeptic Ink, and USAF veteran.
    • Chas

      Just an unbelievable addition to a great variety of bloggers.

    • As a Brit and co-blogger here, and seeing him not infrequently on TV, I am equally as excited!

    • A brilliant addition!