• Alexander Shevtsov: The Slapping Preacher

    Well, this was weird. I’m not sure who shared this video on my Facebook feed, but wowzers. It left me speechless. Check it out.

    An English translation of this video courtesy of the fine folks at Reddit.

    • Ok, so was is the solution? Let’s see. Come on, what is the solution, Janna (woman’s name).
    • Why should I care… Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!
    • Oh, ou
    • Bitch, you have a man, bitch
    • I got it, I understand
    • What do you understand, bitch?
    • That I have a man Slap, slap, slap
    • The bitch is uncontrollable and harmfull evil. I am worknig very strictly right now, and the terminology that I use is very precise. THIS IS A BITCH! (points the finger at her). What does she do? She is with a different man again. She stays with any man that entice her with just one look. What are you doing bitch? Slap. Do you still not understand something?
    • No slap!
    • This bitch, you see, will not do what is needed for happiness. Whaere are you going? Do you see what she is doing? She hides.. end of video.

    OK. Man hits woman. Many times. People are blind folded. Yup. Nobody stops him. Wow.

    So, being the far too curious type, considering the scant information below the Youtube video, I felt the need to find out more about this person, his group, and what the heck is going on here.

    Here’s what I discovered (not much):

    This guy’s been at this a long time. You can find another video, this time he hits people with a stick, here.

    But still… no real information about Shevtsov.

    Then I found this.

    Turns out Shevtsov is an…

    …ethnographer and psychologist by training, established what he calls “The Sanctuary of Folk life”

    So, evidently these events… the ones where participants are hit… take place in a “sanctuary.”

    Many more people – sometimes up to 500-600 persons – come to participate in the regularly organized workshops and seminars. Perhaps, the most popular are the classes of martial arts. As a rule these combine learning traditional martial arts technique with the exercises of self-cultivation leading to the capacity to subdue the enemy without physical fighting, just through controlling his consciousness (once again, something very akin to the most advanced forms of the Taijiquan martial art in Chinese civilization). There are also workshops for producing traditional toys (mostly dolls stuffed with fragrant grass) as well as clothing etc. Sanctuary museum of the folk toys possesses already about 150 items and has acquired a popularity in Europe. Folklore wisdom related to the child bearing, family counseling and other aspects of everyday life are also explored and taught.

    So far, sounds fairly innocuous. But then we have this:

    Kresenie is essentially “burning out” (dulit, дулить) of evil influences which infected the soul from outside, or, simply speaking, possession (oderzhanie, одержание). These influences, or porcha, as well as various auto-generated obstacles (gamukha, гамуха) must be “burnt” just like the litter in Russian peasant’s house had to be burnt in the oven. There exist malicious fixations that can, so to say, mentally imprison a person (so called zapadki, западки which were imagined as a bulb in the steam – para, пара), or some malicious being which dwells in our memory (larva), or deeply rooted resentments having big extensions in the external world, spaces of hard feelings (kosmy, космы) etc.

    When we start talking soul burning, things can get a bit odd. Turns out he claims to “burn” soul diseases, too.

    There is also a group of special terms related to the burning of soul’s deceases: troplenie (finding a path to the source of sickness), rosstan (the place where one has lost the path). The essence of kresenie was called Skuma, скума (related, it seems, to the colloquial “kumekat”, understand) which culminates in the knowledge of one’s destiny. The highest form of knowledge that allowed the direct contemplation of Skuma was “mirroring”, the capacity to see something without evaluating it (one more analogy to the Taoist image of enlightened mind as mirror).

    Interesting, eh? Shevtsov is quite the mystery. If you can build on this discussion, add links in the discussion area below.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

    I'm Beth Ann Erickson, a freelance writer, publisher, and skeptic. I live in Central Minnesota with my husband, son, and two rescue pups. Life is flippin' good. :)


    1. What country does thid happen?
      It’s the most hideous bunch of garbage I’ve ever witnessed. How does this not land this ass hole in jail? Isn’t this assult?

      1. No, this is not an assault when the person consents to it. Otherwise, you’d be prosecuting lot BDSM practitioners.

    2. First of all one’s immediate reaction is “what an arsehole”, & no less enlightened after reading this article one is still left with the original opinion that this guy’s an arsehole. You don’t hit anyone especially a woman.

      1. Yes…lifelong damage as she is experiencing whiplash multiple times in a traumatic setting. Those muscles will remember that day for a really long time and who knows how long he continued to do it. I also wonder if he was having a sexual relationship with her and was mad she was speaking to someone her own age…My bet is there are others forms of abuse that is going on as well because he definitely selected her and felt entitled to slap her for a while….

      2. Its a wonder the lady aint in a coma. Her face must have been like a cabbage patch doll after that beating.
        This geezer needs taking outside to have the granny knocked out of him in front of a crowd. He’s a wanker who needs a good hiding.

    3. I do not think it is correct to consider him a preacher unless you use a connotation other than meaning a Christian pastor/evangelist. His degree is in psychology, not theology, and he is involved with more folklore and things that are in no shape or form of anything called Christian doctrine or theology according to the attached link. He is proclaiming something, so in that sense, the Greek word kerux could possibly be stretched and used in that he is heralding something, but it is far from anything that even any cult using the term Christian would ascribe to in their teachings unless one has cropped up recently. Even so, it would be a cult and not a true representative of the faith. This lad is a cult leader on a different level and manic trip.

      I saw he was arrested and that is what should happen to anyone who abuses people in that manner. Unfortunately, unlearned people will follow someone they deem a powerful or gifted leader, even if he is a maniac like Hitler, Jim Jones or this lad.

      It is sad, that people do not do more research or have been so hurt and abused before a lad like this comes on the scent to abuse and hurt them more.


      1. Yeah he’s definitely NOT A CHRISTIAN! because if he was, he wouldn’t be picking on older girls like that.

        He would be sexually molesting underage boys in secret like a true coward.

        1. Your confusing Catholicism with Christianity but nice try throwing the baby out with the bath water. Maybe you should attend one of this filth’s seminars.

            1. so what were Catholics called before Martin Luther ? just people ? They followed Christ to even their own Deaths. They are called Martyrs. You owe everything there is to know about the Bible and Christianity to the Catholic Church. Now say Thank You.

            2. Christians follow Christ. Jesus or Yeshua to be specific. Catholics follow the Vicar, or the ” acting” Christ on earth, otherwise known as the Pope. So not the same. Christians, real followers of Christ, think the Pope is an anti-Christ. Just to clarify for you if you care to know the difference.

        2. Christians that I know, do not molest. The pastors i know are kind and caring. Please do NOT write things like that. 28 years of being a Christian has allowed me to see many wonderful caring people who want to help each other.

          1. You should do your research about the Baptists who seduced girls then had them have abortions to cover it up… Or the boy scouts, or research IHOP with their rapes, pedophilia, orgies and other crazy shenanigans or what about Hillsong… I could go on… Methodist homosexual, lesbian or transgender pastors..
            You love in a bubble…

            1. ihop is a cult as is hillsong, the boyscouts are not a Christian organization although may have been founded on some Christian principles and your comments about baptists are just assertions possibly based on a few or one incident

              any church that condones a homosexual or transgender teacher are in no way following after Christ and are therefore NOT Christian

              you should do some research

        3. I think you’ve confused Christians with the Catholic Oligarchs and I am guessing your comment either comes from supreme ignorance or is purposeful anti-Christian propaganda or could be just projection. Leaves you to wonder though…

    4. This man shoukd be reported to the police-unless he is in sone lawless society. If I were there I would have kicked him between the legs and gouged his eyes out. Peacefully of course.

    5. This same video with the title of muslims is circulating on fb…I will say the same as I said on fb its not the religion that preaches evil and hatred and violence its us humans that are corrupt and should be blamed for these acts. None religion is evil its us who are evil.

    6. He who done that slaps is really a man of devil. He should be punished. I dont know why all the guys around there was sitting like dolls. How can a man do to a lady with out respect. We de respect. He cant perch Bibles. Not. He is nit a Christian. Not at all.he is from a bitch or hell.He is a devil. No human respect . stupid of his rough man.How can he do. It is terrible to see.Noe I am crying by thinking. God pls forgive protect that lady from such evil guys.

      1. He needed that’s same hand what’s he using to slap that’s poor lady’s to be broken in 100 parts and all those fool’s sitting down there should beat his ass a woman like me he will not like the beating because he will spend the rest of his life in hospital @sleeping in his grave what’s a nasty piece of wicked bastard!

    7. Hassan, many many people are not evil. This man, like many others, use religion to control other humans, because they are evil! Especially the weaker sex. It’s horrible and needs to stop! I realize he is speaking what sounds like Russian. He’s doing this to break her will and these obviously other abused are just watching because they’re intimidated by his abusive power

    8. ce n’est pas parce que tout le monde laisse faire, que l’acte commis n’est pas contraire ni à l’humain, ni à la morale, ni au droit.
      le terrorisme des dictatures fonctionne ainsi
      c’est une merde, et il doit être puni
      car l’individu intelligent n’a pas besoin d’exprimer des exercices pratiques pour énoncer quelque chose, donc c’est une merde .

    9. He`s a dirty old man who is past his sell by date and is bitter shrivelled up old warlock . He is picking on the blonde kid because every one found out about the child sexual abuse of children by Boko Harem and Isis and Child Protection . He is an evil old has been whose sexual jelousy is morbid .

    10. A quote from early on the article said, “As a rule these combine learning traditional martial arts technique with the exercises of self-cultivation leading to the capacity to subdue the enemy without physical fighting, just through controlling his consciousness.” My question is, why is he hitting her then? If this is true He’s a hypocrite at the very least. You said he’s been at this a long time. I would agree by the way he precisely slaps this girl over and over. It’s grotesque.

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