• That’s it. I’m buying a prayer candle.


    GreaserCreatures, an Etsy seller creates the BEST prayer candles ever. Case in point:

    David Bowie is a saint I can get behind. 🙂 Not a fan? How about Saint Morrissey?

    Saint Dolly Parton looks mighty awesome, too:

    With 24 various saints available (Edgar Allan Poe, Elvis, Elvira, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and more), be sure to click the link to view these gems in all their glowing magnificence.





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    Article by: Beth Erickson

    I'm Beth Ann Erickson, a freelance writer, publisher, and skeptic. I live in Central Minnesota with my husband, son, and two rescue pups. Life is flippin' good. :)


    1. OK. I’m mystified. How do they fit Dolly’s boobs on a candle, unless it’s a very big, wide candle. That’s OK I’m selling Jesus candles in the neighbourhood for $49.95. Can’t keep them in stock and have to going back to the dollar store. Barnum was right.

      1. Alrighty then. You almost made me inhale my peanut butter sandwich! Thanks for the laugh. Good thing Dolly’s candle isn’t 3D, eh?

        1. To appeal to the secular community I have hollow candles filled with fruity beer! Makes a mess, though when they burn down. Bunch of people licking up the suds. How are you doing anyway, BethAnn, everything OK?

          1. That would likely be me licking up the suds. 🙂

            All is well here. I’m gearing up for my first oncology visit, arranging doc visits and such. But I’ve had more freedom these past couple weeks than I have since this insane chapter started. Feeling good. Numbers are cooperating so I keep moving forward. Hope all is well up north!

            1. Good to hear everything is going good. All is fine up here but what a crazy summer. Boiling one day (like today) and the furnace has come on a couple of times. And rain, I keep looking for a guy in a nightshirt on a big boat with dinos poking their heads out! Plus tornado’s. It’s fine is a lie. My wife’s mother (90+) is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. My wife (97?) has started to develop the same symptoms and she is scared shitless, and worries no one will be there for her. Of course that’s not true. We’ll see, but it is a big worry. Sorry, to unload but something happened just after those last replies: she thought it was Saturday and didn’t believe me when I told her it was only Wed. I think I’ll buy some prayer candles, yeah right

            2. Oh, I’m so sad to hear about your wife. Hang in there, talk to your doc. From what I hear, there are meds that can help. Getting older sucks.

              I’ll sure be thinking of you. If we’re ever in the same place, I’m definitely buying you a fruity beer.

            3. “What a drag it is getting old” (says the Stones freke, although I don’t feel old with no major health issues, yet) Yes I know, but she is terrified of getting another memory test. Whether the meds help is questionable, being the brain thing. Oh well, our 50th is coming up and we want to go somewhere special, like Minn, of course. I hope she is still cognitive wherever we go she will enjoy it, but won’t remember except the photos. I said before that Minn is not that far away and apparently there’s a family reunion in the works in Manitoba . For sure we’ll get together as we drive our SmartCar to Winnipeg.The joys of being retired, so much freedom Take care Pete

            4. Enjoy your family reunion. As I get older, the get-togethers become almost bitter sweet as more of the clan die, children grow older, and life marches on. If you’re ever in Minnesota, let me know. Maury and I would enjoy meeting you and your lovely bride.

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