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    I’ve witnessed a number of “exorcisms” in my day. They’re supremely uncomfortable, strange to behold, and rather unbelievable. Imagine a dude standing with his arms upraised one minute, the next he’s flung himself on the floor, is writhing, yelling, “I want JEEEEsus” while surrounded by Sans-a-belt wearing men praying over him.

    This process can take a long time, so the audience often evaporated while the men “work on” the poor possessed dude. The long-suffering piano player just kept playing, on and on, until she eventually left.

    While the exorcisms I’ve witnessed were loud, none were what I’d call violent. I saw plenty of exaggerated pointing, yelling, perhaps some hitting, but what this girl went through was beyond imagination.

    A teenager was tortured to death by a pir during ‘exorcism’ on Friday in a Cheecha Watni village.

    The report of an autopsy performed on Salma, 13, stated that she had died from suffocation. It said the girl’s breathing was hampered by blocking her nostrils with cotton buds and holding her mouth shut.

    The autopsy, carried out at Cheechwatni tehsil headquarters (THQ) hospital, confirmed that her skin was burnt with a hot iron rod. The report said there were bruises on the girl’s arms, face and chest.

    While I can see how these events can escalate, I can’t imagine a parent, sibling, relative, friend, neighbor… anyone… could watch something like this and not intervene.

    “The pir said we could take her away and warned us against uncovering her body, wrapped from head to toe in a piece of white cloth,” he added.
    He said the pir immediately left the room afterwards. “He had fled by the time we found out that she was dead,” he said.

    Hussain said the girl was tied to a charpoy and burned with a heated iron rod. He said the pir had poured red chilli powder on parts of the girl’s body before burning them with the rod. He said the parents were made to leave the room after midnight. “He told us to wait outside. He said it was not safe in the room,” he added.

    Khursheed Bibi said the girl had frequently complained of body aches and at times could not speak properly. She said they were certain she had been possessed as several doctors had failed to cure her illness.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

    I'm Beth Ann Erickson, a freelance writer, publisher, and skeptic. I live in Central Minnesota with my husband, son, and two rescue pups. Life is flippin' good. :)


    1. This kind of shit make me lose hope in humanity. How can things like the large hadron collider and exorcists exist in the same world… When will we stop hearing about things that belong in the dark ages.

      1. I’m with you. My heart breaks for that girl. I can’t imagine the terror. It’s amazing to consider that we live in the 21 century and can’t move beyond this superstition. It’s easy to despair.

    2. This is sickening. I witnessed an “exorcism” on one occasion, but it was nothing of this nature, just people praying and singing around the guy, it was very odd though because it was a team member on a “beach mission”, so raised questions at the time of “how can a believer be possessed, doesn’t the Bible say that can’t happen?”
      I also know a woman who was told by her church that her schizophrenia was actually the devil, which caused such fear that it greatly exacerbated her illness until the nonsense was addressed and she realised it was a lie.
      Some people are still living in the dark ages of thinking illness is caused by evil spirits :/

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one to have witnessed those kinds of events. In retrospect, I feel like a fool for attending, but on the other hand, it sure makes for fascinating writing fodder. But what happened to this girl is in a whole new league that I’ve never witnessed. And yes… it’s truly dark ages stuff.

    3. This is not a real exorcism this is just murder. A real exorcism requires an actual priest all paranormal experts know that amateur exorcism can make things worse. I would also like to tell all of you that parapsychology is not based on dark ages beliefs in fact one of the most important rules in the field is to be skeptical. Furthermore there several differences between documented cases of possession and cases of mental problems first of all in advanced cases there may be things seen such as shadows or other things by other people not just the person possessed on the other hand with Schizophrenia only one person see’s or hears anything out of the ordinary, Also a possessed person will want nothing to do with Christ however a Schizophrenia person is usually devotedly religious, a possessed person may exhibit knowledge otherwise unknown to the individual such as suddenly knowing a new language where as Schizophrenia show no signs of any new knowledge, and Authors who have clinical experience both with demon possession and mental illness, believe those who claim to be possessed are very likely not possessed. Demons wish to be secretive and do not voluntarily claim to be present.

      1. Interesting. However, the people in this article are not Christian and likely didn’t believe in Christ. Many religions have exorcism rites of some sort. Either way, I agree that this young lady was, indeed, murdered.

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