• Christian evangelism in Israel isn’t appreciated


    I’ve attended more than one evangelism meeting and have noted that many Christians aren’t above deceit to “spread the message.” That appears to be happening in Israel.

    Israeli anti-missionary organizations such as Yad L’Achim were in a minor uproar earlier this month after learning that Jewish prayer shawls (tallitot) embroidered with a Messianic blessing referencing Yeshua (Jesus) were being sold or given away on Jerusalem’s main pedestrian thoroughfare.

    Prayer shawls are popular products on Ben Yehudah St., which is a prime shopping area for tourists visiting the Israeli capital. And all prayer shawls have blessings embroidered along their hems.

    One problem, though.

    But when a Jewish couple visiting the area took a closer look at their new prayer shawl, a local journal titled HaShabbat B’Netanya reported that they were shocked to read the following words:

    “Blessed are you, king of the universe, who has filled the whole Torah with Jesus the Messiah and has covered us all with his righteousness.”

    That’s a bummer.

    Yad L’Achim officials insist it was the work of local Messianic Jews, whom the anti-missionaries label as “Christians dressing up as Jews.”

    One of the primary tactics of groups like Yad L’Achim is to convince fellow Jews that Christianity has no connection whatsoever to Judaism, and to disassociate Jesus from his Jewish heritage.

    The group also tries to make Jews who come to faith in Jesus feel foolish by repeatedly stating that only those with a weak grasp of Judaism would ever fall prey to the “missionaries.”


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

    I'm Beth Ann Erickson, a freelance writer, publisher, and skeptic. I live in Central Minnesota with my husband, son, and two rescue pups. Life is flippin' good. :)


    1. `The group also tries to make Jews who come to faith in Jesus feel foolish by repeatedly stating that only those with a weak grasp of Judaism would ever fall prey to the “missionaries.”“ Excuse me???? What jewish heritage????? Yeshe is a roman fiction, an idol that never existed. Stop repeating the NT nonsens!

      1. If Jesus is only fiction then why do so many people believe in him? And why are there only about 30 milion jews but about 2 billion Christians. I know for a fact that Roman Catholicism is a false religion and that the romans took advantage of the vast expanding religion of christianity back in the day, but protestant christianity is real and if you examine it, you can see the same God in the old testament that you see in the new. So it can’t be merely fiction when Jesus Christ has moved people in ways that are equal to the way that God has moved people. The reason being is because they are one, and that the only difference between Judaism and Christianity is that (no offense) Judaism is the former version of Christianity. Judaism is composed of the people who “fell off of the boat” so to speak. The one true religion was still growing but some people refused to accept the new teachings and therefore are still in the former and stagnant state. So while most of us converted and accepted Jesus, some denied him and are now left to eternal damnation. Face it, there are so many commandments that a human could not possibly follow them all. And as you know, God loves us all and wants to spend the rest of eternity with us, so he sent Jesus to save us and connect us with God. Originally, he planned to have a close relationship with us but Satan screwed that up with Adam so God sent Jesus to fix the problem. Do you really think he would just accept the defeat and said “ok, I guess I can’t have a deep relationship with everyone any more”? No, but historically, people don’t like change, and as a result, I regret to say that there are now millions of people who are still stuck in the old way of doing things and have stuck with Judaism. Any questions?

        1. Oh my. You really have it figured out, don’t you.

          I worked closely with a rabbi for a couple years and have a hunch he’d likely dispute your hypothesis. I could be wrong, but I remember him mentioning exactly why he didn’t accept Jesus Christ as the messiah. At the time I thought his reasoning sounded pretty solid.

          Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “most of us.” If, worldwide, only 31 percent of the population is “christian,” that would mean the phrase “most of us” is incorrect.” Also I’m not sure what particular brand of christianity you’re talking about, but around here, if you’re not a member of a particular denomination, you could find yourself threatened with hellfire as well. Christians certainly aren’t a united group.

          It’s all very confusing… Anyway, here’s the link to cite my stat. Thanks for your comment. http://www.pewforum.org/2012/12/18/global-religious-landscape-exec/

      2. you are funny Yeshua is Jewish…and today modern Judaism has forsaken Scriptural Judaism without a blood atonement as Moses required Leviticus 17:11 and fulfilled in Messiah in Isaiah 52:13-53 chapters who would be as you fulfill be despised and rejected and die as our lamb and return to be our best friend Messiah, He is to me and it is wonderful.
        you do fulfill our Jewish miracle…sorry your faith isn’t Jewish..you have forsaken Judaism.

    2. “Judaism is composed of the people who ‘fell off of the boat’ so to speak.” What could have caused Andrew Shannon to say such an ignorant thing. And when I say “ignorant” I mean it in every sense of the word. I am a history major and I find that Christians more than any other group have no understanding of history. By the time Christianity became a thriving religion (some time between 200 and 400 years after Jesus was supposed to have lived) there were no Jews at all involved in it. So if Andrew is claiming that every Jew “fell off the boat” then we must question if the boat he speaks of was even a boat of Jewish making to begin with. Christianity was never a Jewish religion, it was at best a sect similar the the Sadducees and other break-offs from Judaism at that time. Jesus was not the first or last Jew to claim to be the messiah and then be executed without fulfilling any or the requirements of the prophets; like world peace, establishment of the third Temple, the creation of a sovereign Jewish state in the land of Israel, etc. From a historical standpoint the only reason Christianity still exists is because the Roman emperor’s mother converted to it and he saw it as a tool to control the masses which he very successfully used it to do and men having been using it thus ever since. Protestants as well as Catholics.

      1. Thanks for joining the discussion. Your post added a nice dimension to the conversation. It was very enlightening, filled with great info. — Beth 🙂

    3. Too bad it’s not accurate… The first converts to Christianity were Jews and there was a large contingent of Jewish believers in the first century. To claim that by 200AD that literally no Jews were Christian is a phenomenally preposterous assertion.

    4. i happen to be a Jew myself, I don’t agree with those who hated us in the name of Jesus…yet I also agree with his words to love all people even your enemies. Those who did inquisitions were antiJesus….it is time we re examine the man named Yeshua…a friend to us and all people.

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