• A “Merry Christmas” mission


    Debbie Daniel from TheFlamingChurch.org is evidently on a mission.

    I’m on a “Merry Christmas” mission and I’m in full throttle. My little yellow VW Beetle has turned into a Christmas billboard with Merry Christmas written across the back window. Yes, I’ve decided to trek off to work everyday on the public highways with a message that seems to offend people.

    At stop lights, I even turn my music up a little louder, and to top it off, I sing along with it. Don’t I know that stopping at a red light to roll my windows down only to share the joy of Christmas carols on public streets is a No-No? Don’t I fear the Christmas Gestapo and those who would have me remove the written message from my car?

    I’m sorry folks, but the only person I’m concerned about “offending” during this Christmas season is the Lord himself. LEAVE THAT MANGER ALONE! We’ve allowed the Baby Jesus to be kicked out of His lowly manger, and those offended by Christmas are still not happy.  I refuse to let this happen. I’m going to do my part to make sure “Merry Christmas” doesn’t become extinct. Because like it or not, if the believers in Christmas don’t take a stand now, it’s gone forever.

    I can’t help but wonder if Ms Daniel is aware she’s constructing a straw man argument. I’ve never met anyone who has fit the description she’s presented.

    I walked into a Wendy’s Restaurant the other day and was rather exuberant with my “Merry Christmas” greeting to the manager. He didn’t have much of a response and I said, “Where’s your Christmas spirit?” He said, “We’re not allowed to use the words “Merry Christmas” when greeting customers. We can only say “Happy Holiday.”

    This morning I grabbed a quick breakfast at a Whataburger Restaurant. I noticed there wasn’t a single decoration in the store. I asked the manager why they weren’t decorated for Christmas. He told me the corporate headquarters decided not to send any decorations to any of their stores, and he didn’t know why.

    After I heard about all the Macy’s and Federated Stores taking down their Merry Christmas signs, the Target stores not allowing the Salvation Army to “Ring the Christmas bells,” and the many incidents of children, choirs, and bands not allowed to play or sing Christmas carols, I realized it was happening right here in my own little Texas town.

    Those appear to be individual store decisions. I recall one holiday when I spoke with a kind muslim friend who shared how annoying December is for her and her family. They didn’t celebrate anything in December and found the less decorated stores fun places to spend their money. Perhaps the stores cited in this essay found similar shoppers.

    Is it Jesus, or is it His followers that the “offended” don’t like? What kind of revulsion galvanizes one to campaign so vehemently against the mere mention of His name, the mere singing of a carol, or the mere visual of a sign that says “Merry Christmas?”

    I can listen to my own boss at work use some of the vilest words and follow up with, “Excuse my French.” I may cringe inside at his damning of God’s name, but I tolerate it. So if you don’t like me wishing you a “Merry Christmas,” I’ll say, “Excuse my joy.” You may cringe that I celebrate the birth of Jesus, but just tolerate it.

    I cannot be concerned that “Merry Christmas” offends you. If I’m not careful, the day will come when saying I’m a Christian will offend you.

    I’m offended that you’re offended. How about that?

    I have to wonder who she’s encountered who is “offended.” I’ve never encountered these people in the real world. Heck, I enjoy holiday lights, I tap my toe at some of the christmas music… as long as religion stays out of my government, I don’t care in the least.

    I know the difference and I’m feeling it greatly. It’s hard not to be aware that townships across our country have actually banned the singing of Christmas carols because it might offend someone. And it’s not just the religious songs; it’s the secular ones too. No more “Jingle Bells” or “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” because they’re associated with Christmas. Boy, aren’t we getting sensitive?

    Got a citation on that one? What townships and when?

    My freedom to celebrate Christmas in the tradition of the Christian religion is as much my right as it is your right to be offended by it. So what are we going to do? Did anyone hear me . . . what are we going to do?

    Do we defend a person’s right to go forward with a time tested tradition (how about 2000 years?), or do we defend a person’s right to end it all because they’re offended? As long as we live in this great land and have the freedom to express ourselves and what we believe in, we will always offend someone.

    If we try to make everything right for everyone, we won’t have anything for anyone.

    I’m 100 percent behind her in that she has the right to celebrate her holiday with all her might… just not on public property. (Unless, of course, equal time/opportunity is given to all religions, veins of thought.) As long as our government remains neutral on the religion question, I’m all for your celebrating for all it’s worth during whatever holiday you celebrate.

    With that in mind, I wish you a Happy World AIDS day, Happy Hanukkah, Wonderful Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, Wonderful Boxing day, a Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy New Year… aw heck. I’ll just say Happy Holidays. 🙂


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