• Update: Tyler Deaton and his strange, dangerous prayer group


    Here we go again. Here’s my original post on Deaton. Fast refresher: Deaton’s wife died either by suicide or murder. It’s unclear what happened. Then Micah Moore confessed to the murder and detailed a strange story about Deaton’s prayer group, rape, murder, drugs, etc.

    In the first update, Moore recanted his confession, his story, all of it.

    Here’s the latest update: Moore has been indicted for murder in Bethany Deaton’s death.

    A grand jury today indicted Micah Moore for first-degree murder in the death of Bethany Ann Deaton, the wife of his spiritual leader.

    The indictment supersedes a previous charge of murder filed by the Jackson County prosecutor’s office.

    Moore, 23, is currently free on a $250,000 cash bond.

    But stranger still, a reader of this blog contacted me, mentioning a novel called House of Lies, that holds eerie similarities to this case. I did some digging and by golly, she’s right!

    The Grandview murder of 27-year-old Bethany Deatonis a tangled web of sex, drugs and religion — and some believe it parallels the novel, “House of Lies.” FOX 4?s Gia Vang talked to the author, Susan Claridge, who agrees — the murder of Bethany Deaton has similarities to her book.

    “From my regular readers who knew more about me and from personal friends — they were saying, ‘Have you seen this? Like, this is your book playing out in real life’ and that was kind of scary,” Claridge said.

    Claridge’s “House of Lies” was released in early October. It’s about a woman who tries to save her estranged sister from a religious cult, only to find murder and a political agenda. The novel is based out of Kansas City, and one of the murders is eerily similar to Deaton’s.

    Weird coincidence. There’s more.

    And there’s the connection with the International House of Prayer. Claridge said her sister is the director at St. Louis’ Gateway House of Prayer, an off-shoot of IHOP. Bethany was a former intern for the IHOP University in Grandview. Her admitted killer, Micah Moore, was a current student at the time of her death.

    Claridge said her novel is a piece of fiction with a sequel expected to be released next year. That book takes an international twist.

    The more the authorities investigate this, the odder the details become. Here’s the link.

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    1. The investigators in Kansas City are excellent and their conclusions seemingly sound, which is that there is good reason to try Micah (because he gave a confession to murdering someone and must face trial) and there is no evidence to even charge anyone else in sexual assault or conspiracy to murder. Though many people get pretty freaking caught up in the emotional sensation of it all, understandably quick to defend Bethany, very few probably have stopped to think, “Hmm, no one else has been charged. Perhaps what Micah said is false. Perhaps this sensation was media created and not true.”

        1. It definitely is. And if these people are innocent, they are being put through quite the hell because of our human propensity to assume the worse.

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