• Rap of the day! Stewardship Sunday.


    I always disliked “Stewardship Sunday.” That was the day when the entire congregation got hit up for funds. Usually the church leaders wanted “pledges,” promises that we’d give X amount each Sunday for the entire year. (My husband always wrote, “We’ll give as the lord provides” on his pledge sheet. And I wonder why we weren’t all that popular…)

    Later in my church experience, the pledges turned into “automatic check book withdrawals” for those (rare) Sundays when you weren’t attending and couldn’t drop something in the plate.

    I understand the purpose of Stewardship Sunday, it’s easier to construct a budget with a more accurate income projection. But I still didn’t like them.

    Generally speaking, during “Stewardship Sunday,” the committee would perform a little presentation or, worse yet, a skit. This church evidently provided a skit. Enjoy.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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