• “God Intended Pregnancies From Rape”

    Oh boy. Fur’s going to fly on this one:

    Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said pregnancies resulting from rape are part of God’s plan, tearfully explaining that he only supports abortions when a mother’s life is in danger.

    “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen,” Mourdock said during Tuesday’s Senate debate, choking up. Mourdock’s opponent, Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly, opposes abortion except in cases of rape and incest.

    If you’re still unclear on his stance, he later clarified:

    “Are you trying to suggest somehow that God preordained rape, no I don’t think that,” said Mourdock, according to The Associated Press. “Anyone who would suggest that is just sick and twisted. No, that’s not even close to what I said.”

    Yup. That cleared it up. Clear as mud.

    The election cannot come soon enough and I hope women take note of this person’s name (Mourdock) and not vote for him. It’s getting crazy out there…

    Here’s the link.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

    I'm Beth Ann Erickson, a freelance writer, publisher, and skeptic. I live in Central Minnesota with my husband, son, and two rescue pups. Life is flippin' good. :)


    1. This view does have some interest: if god intended things like rape to happen then he/she probably intended everything that happens to happen (sort of a hands-off kinda god). That sounds a lot closer to what those atheists believe in terms of the function of the world AND it would certainly suggest that abortions and birth control, etc would equally be “intended” by god as well. Or?

    2. Of course, many Christians will argue that the pregnancy from a rape is intended by God, but he couldn’t possibly intend for any abortion to happen. After all, that would be evil, and they know exactly what God thinks about everything.

      1. Yup. Rape is one of many subjects the Bible handles badly. Those who proclaim to know the mind of a deity… well… that’s just odd.

    3. Likewise, it’ll be God’s will when the rapist (through his attorney) requests and arranges visitation rights to his child after requiring her to carry it to term, give birth to it, and raise it for him.

      Don’t like it? Then you shouldn’t have been a rape victim, silly woman!

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