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    1. “Variable renewable energy”. Wikipedia. 2 August 2018.

      Variable renewable energy (VRE) is a renewable energy source that is non-dispatchable due to its fluctuating nature, like wind power and solar power…

      An elegant way to convert VRE to a stored form is the Sunfire power-to-liquids system: Base products are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O)
      1st step: Electrolysis of Water (SOEC) −water is split into hydrogen and oxygen.
      2nd step: Conversion Reactor (RWGSR) −hydrogen and carbon dioxide are inputs to the Conversion Reactor that outputs hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and water.
      3rd step: F-T Reactor −hydrogen and carbon monoxide are inputs to the F-T Reactor that outputs paraffinic and olefinic hydrocarbons, ranging from methane to high molecular weight waxes.

      Cf. “E-diesel”.Wikipedia.

    2. • Lists of sources in the video description


      00:44 – See my video “The evidence for global warming without computer models or the IPCC.”

      01:00 – “Dismantle capitalism” represented by griid.org/2011/04/25/speaker-at-gvsu-says-capitalism-is-the-root-of-our-ecological-crisis/

      “It’s all a hoax” represented by Christopher Monckton (pictured), Tim Ball, Bob Carter (deceased) and others featured in my climate change series.

      02:16 – “On the influence of carbonic acid in the air upon the temperature of the ground” – Svante Arrhenius, 1896

      03:39 – Margaret thatches speaking at the Conservative Party conference, 1989.

      04:29 – Ben Shapiro

      04:44 – My video “Top 10 climate change myths.”

      04:58– Ben Shapiro

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      05:53 – Penn IV with Bloomberg

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      18:42 – WEB: aresnorthamerica.com/

    3. Objection #1: China is doing nothing @ https://youtu.be/D99qI42KGB0?t=9m42s

      China is now leading this energy revolution for the last seven years China has been the world’s biggest producer and consumer of renewable energy it’s also the biggest investor in renewable energy research and manufacturing in 2016 China accounted for more new solar thermal and onshore wind power than the United States and Europe put together in 2017 it produced twice as much renewable power as the United States.

      Objection #2: Renewables are too expensive @ https://youtu.be/D99qI42KGB0?t=12m54s

      Once there’s a market for a product economies of scale kick in and the product gets cheaper still and a market for a product means money is plowed into research making the product more efficient as it gets cheaper the subsidies can be lowered and eventually removed altogether and that’s exactly what’s happened with wind and solar over the last 10 years the cost of manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines has plunged slashing the price of the electricity they produce at the same time their efficiency has increased making them even more competitive as the price falls many countries have reduced or eliminated subsidies altogether.

      Objection #3: Renewables are unreliable @ https://youtu.be/D99qI42KGB0?t=15m

      • 129 MWh battery storage in South Australia: Hornsdale Wind Farm § Hornsdale Power Reserve

      • 1,728 megawatt power supply (pumped-storage hydroelectric) in northern Wales : Dinorwig Power Station

      • Compressed air energy storage (CAES) in a cavern in the Swiss Alps

      • 20 MW flywheel plant in United States: Beacon New York Energy Storage Plant

      • 150-megawatt concentrated solar power station using tanks of molten salt in southern Spain: Andasol Solar Power Station

      • 360 cubic meters of hydrogen gas per hour in Germany: Falkenhagen power-to-hydrogen plant

      See “List of energy storage projects” Wikipedia @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_energy_storage_projects

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