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    1. Question: How much did the cashier lose? i.e. what is the cash shortage.

      Given only 1 register in the store, when the register is closed out, there will be a variance between the close out report and the drawer cash count.

      e.g. simplest case:
      i. Per the register open – $130 dollars cash is placed in the register cash drawer and the register tally is re-set to 130.
      ii. The day is slow (and the cashier is also slow) with one transaction, so the register cash drawer tally is 130 + 100 – 30 = 200
      iii. The day ends with $100 dollars cash in the register cash drawer and a close out report of 200, thus there is a $100 cash shortage.

      Possible Outcomes:
      1) A $30 cash loss is added to the books + the inventory shortage is expensed.
      2) A $100 cash loss expense is added to the books.

    2. Answers :
      1. $0 if the woman did not steal from the cashier.
      2. $100 if the woman did steal from the cahier, but it’s the store which lost the money not the cashier. However there will be a deficit in sales made and cash available so the store would hold the cashier accountable.
      3. Most plausible:
      $100 (store), assuming the woman did steal from the store. Whether the woman bought anything or not isn’t relevant coz store would have sold the same goods for same amt of margin even if later.

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