• The Revolution Continues!

    When the 2018 election goes down, we will have a choice: either there will be more of the same corporate funded, corporate owned politicians making decisions that affect our lives, or there will be candidates who are funded by the people and who want to legislate for the people making them. On that note, here are three candidates that I have sent small donations to:

    Tim Canova, who is once again challenging Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

    Randy Bryce is challenging Paul Ryan.

    Amy Vilela, whom Rolling Stone interviewed. She decided to run for office after the tragic death of her daughter inspired her to fight for universal healthcare.

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    Article by: Nicholas Covington

    I used to blog at Answers in Genesis BUSTED! I took the creationist organization Answers in Genesis to pieces. I am the author of Atheism and Naturalism and Extraordinary Claims, Extraordinary Evidence, and the Resurrection of Jesus. I am an armchair philosopher with interests in Ethics, Epistemology (that's philosophy of knowledge), Philosophy of Religion, and Skepticism in general.

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