• John Stossel and Healthcare

    John Stossel is at it again, once more on healthcare in America. The following is a comment I left on the original article.

    “But as a consumer reporter, I have to say, the hospital’s customer service stinks. Doctors keep me waiting for hours, and no one bothers to call or email to say, “I’m running late.” Few doctors give out their email address. Patients can’t communicate using modern technology.”

    British Journalist Piers Morgan once commented that care in his homeland was centered on patient care and recovery, whereas when he had to go to the emergency room here in the United States he woke up in the hospital bed only to be handed a bill. “What the hell are you doing?” was his response to the hospital worker.

    “But cars, computers and airplane flights are complex, too, and the market still incentivizes sellers to discount and compete on service.”

    Cars, computers and airplanes flights are also subject to numerous and highly complex government regulation.

    All this stuff about “the free market always works” is just garbage. Long ago I went to my local library, accessed a database, and began reading published research on national health insurance and how it compares to capitalist health care. All day long the statistics demonstrate that the socialist alternative results better health care accessability, better general population health, and drastically lower costs.

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    Article by: Nicholas Covington

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