• How Economists Vote

    Abstract: In Spring 2003, a survey of 1000 economists was conducted using a randomly generated membership list from the American Economics Association. The survey contained questions about 18 policy issues, voting behavior, and several background variables. The response was 264 (nonblank) surveys. The responses show that most economists are supporters of safety regulations, gun control, redistribution, public schooling, and anti-discrimination laws. They are evenly mixed on personal choice issues, military action, and the minimum wage. Most economists oppose tighter immigration controls, government ownership of enterprise and tariffs. In voting, the Democratic:Republican ratio is 2.5:1. These results are compared to those of previous surveys of economists. We itemize a series of important questions raised by these results.

    -Daniel B. Klein, Charlotta Stern “Economists’ policy views and voting,” Public Choice (2006) 126: 331–342.

    As a voter, it is important to make good choices. However, most of us don’t have all the time in the world to study every issue to death, so if you want a safe bet you should trust people who do study these things to death and have direct, first hand experience on the issue: Economists.

    Extra Credit: I found something called the IGM forum, which asks economists a lot of specific questions and displays their responses.


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    Article by: Nicholas Covington

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