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    A Pixar artist drew classic R-rated film scenes and turned them into a faux-children’s book. See it via Buzzfeed.

    Slate Star Codex wrote an excellent blog post on a pernicious myth circulating about the frequency of false rape claims. This represents the best of blogging: he’s calling attention to the use of bogus statistics and pointing out the sort of fallacy that is all too common in economic/political/societal discussions to help arm our minds against it in the future.

    Everyday I visit my old blog, Answers in Genesis Busted!, simply to look at the list of blogs there and see what updates have gone on. I recently added Bleeding Heart Libertarians to the list.

    Want coffee? Don’t go to Starbucks. Go to Dumb Starbucks. Yes, there is an actual coffee shop called “Dumb Starbucks” created as a deliberate parody of the famous coffee chain.

    Something I want to add re: Slate Star Codex:

    Sometimes when I read feminist blogs on the web, I get the feeling that the perspective taken there is overly-optimistic about how women are, that false rape / abuse allegations are viewed as rarer than being hit with a meteorite at the same time you’re struck by lightning. Well, as Slate Star argued, it just isn’t so. I have never been accused of rape, but as a teenager I was once falsely accused of hitting my girlfriend. Thankfully, the worst consequence of the accusation was being cursed out in a parking lot by the girl’s father. The girl attempted to spread the story, others recognized the phoniness of the story, and so all around I only suffered marginally. It could have been worse, though. The lie could have been bigger, the girl could have been more credible (costing me friends or future girlfriends), the police could have been involved, and so on. What happened to me is, unfortunately, not “struck by lightning at the same time I was hit with a meteorite” rare. I’ve known a couple guys who have told me their own similar stories, and suffice it to say that I have extremely good grounds for believing them.

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    1. According to Entertainment Weekly, dumb Starbucks has been shut down; apparently its owners didn’t secure the right permits.

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