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    I took a trip to a local bar outside Birmingham, Alabama and heard two really strange but really awesome rappers: TribeOne and MC Chris.

    TribeOne is the type of rapper who lays down polysyllabolic rhymes, raps about Steve Irwin, and put out one of the most sincere and inspiring rap songs I have ever listened to: Different.

    MC Chris is a big time geek rapper. He raps about Han Solo, Batman, shit like that. He even has a funky dance song about Pizza Hut (“Pizza Butt“).

    I’ve just recently started listening to Daft Punk, and their new album has some really good tracks: “Contact” is an otherwordly, pumped up instrumental and the hit “Get Lucky” is a lot of fun.

    I know this is a brief blog post; I just wanted to share this with everyone and create an open thread for you to talk about your current musical interests.


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    Article by: Nicholas Covington

    I am an armchair philosopher with interests in Ethics, Epistemology (that's philosophy of knowledge), Philosophy of Religion, Politics and what I call "Optimal Lifestyle Habits."

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    1. I just discovered Lindsey Stirling. From your comments, you might want to look her up. Here’s a description of one of her youtube videos: Dubstep violin doing a Star Wars theme music medley.

      I’ve also gotten into J- and K-pop recently. The lack of decent lyrics isn’t so annoying when you don’t understand the language.

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