• NUIG Equality Officer candidate draws comparisons between homosexuals and paedophiles, Nazis.

    NUIG is holding its part-time Student Union elections. Enoch Burke, of the Christian Union, is running for Equality Officer. Enoch isn’t exactly a fan of gay people, here he is protesting outside Leinster House.


    Enoch’s family ran a website which protested David Norris’ presidential campaign, purely because he is gay. Below is a screenshot.


    Enoch’s Christian Union distributed the below leaflets to protest the Students’ Union’s vote on equal marriage.


    If that isn’t enough to convince you, here are some quotes by Enoch about homosexuality.

    Homosexuals don’t “love the wrong person”. They burn with lust for other men and procure the just judgment of God.

    Yes, the gay lobby frequently employ the tactics if the Nazis.

    Its not “because it appears in a book.”¬†Homosexuality can be shown to be physiologically and psychologically damaging.

    Once we remove the boundaries of sex from a marriage relationship of one man and one woman, there’s no stopping anywhere along the road to child abuse. Those who fight for legalisation of homosexuality are first in line to argue for a lowering of the age of consent.

    The lad doesn’t even like Catholicism.

    I can assure you that Roman Catholicism is very much an anti-Gospel anti-Christian religion which entrenches people in darkness.

    So, without a sense of irony, this guy is running for Equality Officer. May I be the first to congratulate his opponent on getting elected.

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    Article by: Humanisticus

    • Jessica Connor

      I wonder if he knows he doesnt stand a chance, but enjoys the attention he gets for his ’cause’?

    • Mac

      He’s as twisted as he is stupid.

    • Emilio el Destructor

      I personally love these kind of individuals that see nothing wrong in coming up with false and illogical statements, devoid of any reason and lacking any evidence supporting them. I don’t love them as individuals, of course, I love that they help many people open their eyes.

      They just come to show that ‘biblical morality’ is fundamentally an oxymoron.

    • Gus

      gay people are evil. god wants them to be cast to hell. you all support satan.

      • Enoch, is that you?

        • Gus

          hahahaha you are funny. show me how gay people get into heaven idiot.

          • Through the back door.

          • Tim Tian

            Yes its impossible for gay people to get in to heaven. Heaven doesn’t exist.

            • Gus

              AAAAHHHOOOO! yer wroooong!

            • Tim Tian

              Prove it.

            • Gus

              prove to me that heaven. does. not. exist. asshole.

            • Tim Tian

              You have burden of proof “asshole”.

            • Gus

              It. does. ex. ist. you. do. not. know. god.

            • Tim Tian

              And where’s your proof?

            • Gus

              You. Do. Not. Know. God.

            • Tim Tian

              LOL, let me know when that counts as proof. Also let me know if you graduate from Kindergarten. (although I highly doubt that would happen)

            • Tim Tian

              Remember, you still have burden of proof!