• A Fellow Man – A Humanist Poem

    I regularly attend meetings with a group called Humanists West, a regional affiliate group of the Humanist Association of Ireland. One of the gentlemen who attends the meetings, Tom White, wrote a rather beautiful poem which I feel succinctly encapsulates  Humanism. I will let the poem speak for itself.

    A Fellow Man

    I have no prayers or charms of faith

    If God there be, He’ll know my weight

    If God be nought, I’ll still do good

    And practice justice as I should

    We should not seek reward to do

    What decency expects us to

    Should Heaven be a kingly court

    I’ll go elsewhere to prove my worth

    Don’t get me wrong – I’ve sought belief

    But lust for faith brought no relief

    Mere logic leaves me where I stand

    I am not blest, nor am I damned

    I seek to do what good I can

    I am your friend, a fellow man

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    Article by: Humanisticus

    • Clare45

      That’s a lovely poem. I have posted it on FB.

    • Nice! O.K. if I add it to my collection:

      The Damned Write the Damnedest Poems


    • James

      Love it. Thank you for posting

    • Rodney C Jones

      What an excellent piece of writing.

    • Great piece of poetry. I am collating an anthology of secular/atheistic poetry and I would like this in it.

      @EdwardTBabinski:disqus – might have to see if you can assist if you have collated some if these, in tracking those writers down.