• Irish Clerical Rape Victims are Hysterical and Only Want Money – Bill Donohue

    In a rather shocking interview between Matt Cooper (Irish radio DJ for my non-Irish readers) and Bill Donohue, the President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Bill Donohue makes some odious claims about Irish victims of clerical rape. It is quite hard listening to such a bigoted backward individual, but it is important to be aware just how ignorant the religious apologists can be regarding the crimes of their faiths. The interview is below in two parts, the first is 8 minutes long, the second is 7 minutes. I implore you to listen to both, but try not to smash anything listening to the idiot.


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    Article by: Humanisticus

    • Bill Donohue is a complete ass. Here in the U.S., he makes Pat Robertson seem intelligent. Well, not really. It’s amazing that the guys on the radio were able to put up with his rubbish for 15+ minutes.

    • Chill Chick

      Keep on “defending” the catholic church, Bill. You sicken more people against it every time you open your mouth.

    • ThePrussian

      He really is human scum.

    • Brad

      i havent even listened to it yet….. but if he makes pat robertson seem intelligent then this ought to be VERY entertaining LOL

    • When was this interview recorded?

      • I am not too sure, I was unable to find a date. My guess would be at least a year ago.

        • Conor94

          The youtube videos were uploaded on the 30th of May 2009 so I’d assume the interview was recorded that day or in the week preceding the 30th, as the Ryan Report was published on the 20th of May that year.

          • Really, that long ago. I suspected it would be 6 months to a year old, never thought it was from 2009. Thanks for the info.

    • Brad

      you know…… he LOOKS AND SOUNDS like Barney Frank LOL

    • Elisabeth

      sickening… he actually think it’s appropriate to talk sexually to kids within the church.. hehe Why does nobody else gets attacked, he wines.. Well you pathetic excuse of a man, they do attack everybody else that does this, maybe read something else then the tabloids and you Bible of filth every once in a while.