• It’s ok to fuck with atheists.

    I recently wrote about a hearing taking place in Ireland where a Health Committee is to hear from several people and advocacy groups regarding Ireland’s strict abortion laws. I wrote about it because the government had decided to give several religious groups a platform but omitted any secular organisations. Luckily though, thanks to the hard work of Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland, the government was forced to alter this situation and they invited Atheist Ireland to the hearing so the non-religious and secularists in Ireland had a voice at the hearing. However, upon arrival Michael Nugent was greeted with the place name “Atheist Church”. Now I know that doesn’t sound like the worst of offences but think about it for a second. This hearing has come about because a woman died in agony while doctors refused to give her the abortion she needed. This hearing and the issues which shall be discussed are extremely serious, yet some clown who obviously has a grudge against atheists took this opportunity to have a little joke at the expense of atheists, and by extension it belittles what they have to say. Imagine what would have happened if the place names of any of the religious groups were represented in such a manner. How about “Catholic Cult” or “Muslim Jihadists” for example, do you think the person would get away with it? Do you think they would even consider it? No, because there would be absolute uproar, and that person would be roundly fired. But nothing like that will happen here; why? Because it’s ok to fuck with atheists.

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    Article by: Humanisticus

    • ool0n

      True it is seen as ok. But then I’m pleased we take it so well 🙂

      So imo good to point it out but we don’t want to go down the road of sanctimoniously taking offence like the religious.

      • Yes, I agree with you to a certain extent, and I don’t think Atheist Ireland will make a big deal out of it. But it does show a societal acceptance to treating atheists differently to religious people.

      • Strungout

        Agreed! But it;s nice to point out how silly they can be.

      • Mike D

        As a person in a serious situation, it’s not ok to belittle a participants honor though. Not bringing religion into this at all, I’d probably just break off the “church” part and not say another word about it, but damn that’s low.

    • No wonder Ireland is so religious – you can’t get closer to the religious US in Europe! 😉

    • Michael Kenning

      To extend ool0n’s point, I won’t get pissed off like the religious and get all butthurt about it, but it is a bit irritating when we aren’t taken seriously as a secular people, and instead viewed as another religion..

    • Michael M.

      Actually, calling atheism a church is more inaccurate than calling Catholicism a cult. Religions are really just large, socially accepted cults. Atheism isn’t even on the same spectrum as organized religion. Lacking belief in deities is a fundamentally different kind of idea than churches or religion as a whole.

    • Copyleft

      “It’s ok to fuck with atheists.”

      Absolutely. Friday evenings, ’round my place.

    • Nothing sanctimonious about taking offence at that. It looks like an attempt on someone’s part to place the secular perspective on the same footing as authoritarian dogma. The fact that the organisers of the hearing saw fit to allow that says something. The religious tend to take offense at failure to grant them special privilege, hardly the same thing.