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Posted by on Aug 3, 2013 in Philosophy | 2 comments

Philosophers on Twitter

It’s nice to see that a few of us here at Skeptic Ink and over at Talking Philosophy have made it onto this list of philosophers with over 1000 followers on Twitter. Jacques Rousseau is a long way up the list with 5790 followers. I’m about # 50 or 60 on the list – something like that – with a little over 2000. Quite a few people that I know appear high on the list, though I think I am the second highest in Australia. Alain de Botton has about ten times as many followers as anyone else, whatever that signifies.

I’d like to see someone put together a graph showing the number of people at different levels of followers – it looks awfully as if it conforms to a power law.

  • It is nice to see a positive list of active philosophers to follow, as opposed to say, a “block bot” apparently designed to shield people from opinions which might differ from their own.

  • RussellBlackford

    I suppose there is some unintended irony there, given the timing.