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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Personal, Skepticism | 2 comments

At TAM I am!


Here I am at The Amazing Meeting – TAM2013.

After a full day of travelling (Newcastle –> Sydney–> Los Angeles–> Las Vegas), I finally made it to the Southpoint Hotel and Casino, here in smoky Las Vegas (where there’s a huge fire burning in the mountains not far away – the column of smoke was most impressive as we drove into the city from the airport).

I’ve already registered for the convention, got lost a couple of times wandering around the enormous hotel complex, and experienced the delights of the famous Del Mar bar. I’ve met a whole bunch of people, among them several colleagues from the SIN network (here’s a shout-out to Ed Clint, Caleb Lack, and Jacques Rousseau!), plus Miranda Hale, Ryan Grant Long, and lots of others. There’s an amazingly friendly atmosphere here, as everyone had told me; I have a good feeling about this convention.

I managed to get to bed early and to sleep pretty well for about three hours. But my body has now decided it really is not in this new time zone, so here I am wide awake at 3 am. Sproing!!! Hopefully I might get a little more sleep before I front up to my first presentation, as part of a workshop on Blogging Skepticism at 8 am. Hmmm, I don’t like my chances of this right now. Never mind, I expect that I might still be wide awake all the way through from now to the end of the workshop… and then we’ll see what happens.

Later in the convention, on Saturday morning, I’ll be on a panel about skepticism and philosophy, and my own talk, “We have the extraordinary evidence: Science, skepticism, and denialism”, is happening on Sunday afternoon. I’m looking forward to that and to meeting even more old and new friends.



  • K Sturgess

    Have a great time!

  • Have a great time – the audience will love you! And thanks for posting about my review of “The Transhumanist Reader” in Neworld Review. The publisher has informed me that it broke Neworld Review’s record for first day page requests. And the second day almost matched it, missing by only three page requests. This is all due, I’m sure, to your vast reach, dear sir! I wish I could be there with at TAM, or that you had time for a side trip to L.A., but, as the old saying goes, “If wishes were horses they would shit dreams,” — or something like that.