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Posted by on Apr 20, 2013 in Personal | 6 comments

Caturday felid (Jenny and Felix)

My good friend (and occasional sparring partner over issues to do with free will) Jerry Coyne has a regular Caturday felid feature over at Why Evolution Is True. Well, two can play at that game. Following up on my previous post, here are some new photos that I took last evening of Jenny and Felix:









  • Lovely cat! Can we expect Caturday Felids as a regular feature now? By the way, Brother Blackford, you exaggerate our differences.
    There’s only one—free will—and of course I’m right about that!

  • I’m fated to do this only as a one-off, Jerry, but I’m always glad that you’re a fan of Felix. 🙂

  • EllenBeth Wachs

    OMG! LOVE! I miss my Persian, Horatio.

  • An Ardent Skeptic

    Ahh…against a darker and less busy background Jenny and Felix really stand out!!! A beautiful woman and a beautiful cat both wearing shades of gray. Nice!

  • What a sweety! And the cat’s nice too. (Had to make that joke because no one else had yet).
    I had a Felix for fourteen years. It’s been almost three years and it seems I’ll never get over losing her. Seeing a Felix in a loving home warms my heart, though. Here’s hoping you include more caturdays in the future!

  • jennyblackford

    Thanks from me and Felix, everyone!