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Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Personal | 14 comments

Author photo for Jenny Blackford?

I took a batch of photos of Ms. Jenny Blackford this evening. Which one should be her new official author photo?







Let’s have your votes!




  • SmilodonsRetreat

    3 or 4

  • I like number five.

  • I kind of like no. 1.

    This is going to be controversial!

  • 1 or 5 but I lean towards 5. The smile makes it.

  • Clare45

    I like No 2. Nice smile.

  • Thanny

    I’d go with 4.

  • I vote for # 3!

  • An Ardent Skeptic

    How is this photo meant to be used? Website, book jacket…?

    If you are intending to have it published other than on a website, photos 2 and 5 are not in sharp enough focus.

    Photo 5 has the most natural looking smile, IMO. I would recommend that you take a few more shots with Jenny dressed in a darker color so that she stands out better against the background. A royal or navy blue or a emerald or kelly green would look especially good with her blonde hair and skin tones.

    Photo 1 is a great pose, but if you you choose that one I would recommend that you crop the shot removing some of the bottom up to the shelf line. BTW, the over all look of the shot should be considered along with how Jenny looks in the shot. Having the edge of the bookcase on one side of the shot should probably be avoided. Those types of shots contain too many distracting lines, some of which are horizontal and some of which are vertical, making the picture too busy.

  • Friend of Icelos


    #1 looks attractively formal, but #4 has a kind of mystery that I prefer.

  • Thanks for all that advice – I’ll make sure Jenny reads it, too.

  • MosesZD

    I’d go with #5.

  • Holly

    1, definitely 1!

  • If your writings are serious = No. 1
    If they are fun – entertainment = No. 4 or 5
    If they are sexy – No. 3 or 6
    Good Luck !

  • RebeccaBradley

    I’d have said #5, until I saw the Caturday pix in your next post. Author pix NEED more cats. And they’re lovely photos. Also, I agree with Ardent Skeptic about the bookshelves.