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Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Religion | 4 comments

Rwanda genocide survivors and atheism

Here is a powerful and fascinating story by Irene Nayebare about some survivors of the Rwanda genocide turning away from Christianity to atheism (in some cases via Islam, since it seems that many turned to Islam as a result of the betrayal by many Christian churches and preachers).

I don’t know what more I can say. Have a look, and you may find it touching. One point that was apparently very emotionally salient was the comparison between the genocide that these people lived through and the biblical genocides that Christians often seem to accept blithely. If anything at all like those events happened in ancient times, they would have been unutterably horrible. Doubtless they did not happen as described in the Old Testament narratives, which are far from being reliable historical records. But the mere fact that the narratives depict such events without condemnation is horrible enough.

H/T Udo Schuklenk

  • Wow! In fact, I don’t think any oppressed or marginalized group of people should have ever embraced the Christian faith at all. And it has oppressed and marginalized almost all of them.

  • I’m wondering why they say “rising atheism” when they only mention one man’s journey. They do mention that many converted to Islam (statistics on that would be very interesting, too), but I wonder how many turned to atheism. Besides the lack of data showing a general trend, it’s a powerful article. I’ve read a few books about the Rwanda genocide (though haven’t brought myself to read “Shake Hands With The Devil” yet), but none mentioned migration away from Christianity.

  • RussellBlackford

    I think the fault is probably with the sub-editor who wrote the headline. Sub-editors work under pressure, are often inaccurate in how they represent a story, and will look for a dramatic headline. The journalist writing the actual article seems much more measured about the rising atheism aspect.

  • Phil

    Good Grief. Sounds like some atheist has educated himself into imbecility. “If the light that is within you is darkness, how very great will the darkness be.”
    Great job of generalizing, and knowing very, very, very little about the Fall of man, FREE WILL, God’s PERMITTINGNESS, and the consequence of exercising one’s FREE WILL for that which offends God.