• Star Wars premieres in the Navajo’s Diné Language

    EDIT / UPDATE: I was asked by the Navajo Nation Museum management to remove the videos which were embedded below. Apparently 20th Century Fox contacted them with a “notice of concern.” So, to save them any hassle, I took down the videos (even though I am pretty sure they would fall under “fair use”). Sorry, all. Please contact Fox and the NNM and let them know you want to see the dubbed clips!


    Just a few days ago, in a land not too far away…


    Navajo SWThis past week, on June 30th, the cast and crew of the recently completed version of 1977’s classic film Star Wars that had been dubbed into the Navajo language, or Diné Bizaad, gathered to celebrate the release. This is a monumental occasion, as this is the first major Hollywood film to be translated into an Native American language (Star Wars has previously been translated into over 30 other languages). The film opens in a public release on July 3rd, but you can catch a couple of other key scenes below.

    Darth Vader’s first appearance:


    Ben first meets Luke and R2-D2:


    Although I had read that some people were upset that a newer film wasn’t chosen to be dubbed, I think those people are idiots. This is one of the most beloved movies of all time, has themes that are very consistent with a number of Navajo stories, and is a great way to help preserve interest in the Navajo language.

    A huge thanks to DJ Abel Rock for letting me use the photo and videos.

    You really need to check out that guy’s work!

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