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    Recently, a Christian friend of mine posted an interesting meme on Facebook that I think pretty much sums up Christianity in a nutshell. I should add that this was created and posted by Christians and at the time of this writing had two-hundred thousand Facebook “likes” and nearly a million “shares” all presumably from Christians. A large Christian Facebook page posted it with the caption, “Share if you are proud to be a Christian!” Check it out:
    First off, I want to make it clear that as an atheist I absolutely oppose ridiculing Christians. All people should be treated with respect and dignity. However, I have no problem ridiculing ridiculous beliefs. If a Christian wants to believe that a woman came from the rib bone of a guy or believe in a walking, talking snake, I am going to point out the absurdity of that such beliefs. I might even use humor and satire to do it. Mocking beliefs is very different than mocking actual people and if you take your beliefs so personally, that you equate mocking them with someone mocking you, then I don’t know what to tell you. I guess it is sort of like hating the sin and not the sinner but way different.

    Second, if you are a Christian in America, no one is going to torture you or kill you. Roughly eighty percent of Americans identify as Christians. Who is going to torture you? The .6 percent of Muslims?

    Sadly, it is more often than not, Christians who are the ones torturing and killing those of other religions and/or no religion in America today. They do it in Jesus’s name and they defend it as their sincerely held religious belief.

    But let’s move on to the meat of this meme: “You cannot change my mind.”

    Persecution complex aside, this is really Christianity in a nutshell. No matter what you say or what evidence you present, Christians seem to be proud of the fact that they are close-minded. Those who share this meme are claiming that you cannot change their minds. Facts be damned… lalala… they can’t hear you. Evidence…science… human rights… human dignity… human survival on this planet… lalala… NO, the Bible is true because it says it is true and even though they don’t follow half the crap the Bible says, the things that their pastor tells them is in there is in there. Anything else is atheists taking the Bible out of context because even the Devil can use scripture. It says so right in the scripture. 😉

    I have said it before and I will say it again, I am open to changing my position on anything if given valid evidence or a really good argument. Some positions I am less likely to change because the evidence or arguments are overwhelming. For example, it is doubtful someone will present valid evidence that the Earth is a cube and not a sphere. I’ll be honest on this one. I don’t think the likelihood of me changing my position on that is very high. However, I’m open to it if new evidence is presented.

    In that vein, it is very unlikely that a Christian is going to convince me of the existence of the Christian God? Back when I was younger and knew less about Christianity, things might have been different, today? It is pretty unlikely. Not impossible though. Unlike so many Christians, if presented with valid evidence, I would absolutely change my position. It is just that currently the evidence is severely stacked in the other direction.

    Getting back to this meme, I don’t know what is more disturbing to me, that Christians would claim to be so closed-minded to new evidence and information or that fact that they appear to be proud of this. Again, this got almost a million shares. Close to a million people thought this meme was so awesome that they had to share it on their Facebook wall for all their friends and family to see.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.


    1. I will also make a note that, when theists want to argue that atheists are dogmatically opposed to the idea of the supernatural, there closed-mindedness is back to being a vice again.

    2. While I agree, people deserve at least a modicum of respect, beliefs are not people and criticizing beliefs is entirely fine, no matter how that criticism might make people who hold those beliefs feel.

    3. “Sadly, it is more often than not, Christians who are the ones torturing and killing those of other religions and/or no religion in America today. They do it in Jesus’s name and they defend it as their sincerely held religious belief.”

      I’m a very strong atheist and have no love for Christianity, but where exactly are Christians ‘torturing and killing’ those of other religions in America? I’ve never heard a single story in my life about Christians torturing an atheist to death in this country.

      Unless you think Christian bullying (which certainly exists) is somehow tantamount to ‘torture,’ in which case this is a wonderful example of how first world problems distort your perceptions. As a result of 9/11, it’s a basic fact that Islam has been used as an excuse to kill more Americans in the last 15 years than Christianity has. If someone kills you because they disapprove of your religious practices, even in America that person is more likely than not going to be Muslim.

    4. Christianity as exemplified by the life Jesus lived and the teachings of Paul. Paul wrote 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament.

      Jesus summed up the 10 commandments with the following 2 found in Mark 12:29-30 “The Lord our God is one Lord. 30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. 31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

      Can you not see that anyone who loves his neighbor as himself would not murder, steal from, or covet anything his neighbor had.?

      The thrust of Paul’s messages ins that we are all such sinners who are worthy only of death. But a loving God gave us grace (unmerited favor and love) instead. And if we believe that Jesus was crucified, died, was placed in a tomb and he rose from the dead in 3 days thereby defeating death and he did this as a sacrifice in our place so that we could gain forgiveness for our many sins, then we will have eternal life.

      God is the Father. What Father would not want his children to believe him?

      Faith in the above plus nothing results in salvation and eternal; life.

      No atheist can understand this because it takes FAITH. No atheist I have ever known understood the Bible and I expect 99% of them have never studied the entire Bible.
      If you read part of something with the intention and bias to disbelieve and reject it, you are not objective and your opinion is worthless.

      1. This is too funny for words. I want to really focus on that last paragraph of yours. No atheist understands faith? LOL!!! You do realize that most atheists were once religious believers. Many were devout believers who had a great deal of faith.

        Haven’t studied the Bible? LOL!!! studies have shown that atheists know more about the Bible than religious believers.

    5. You cannot claim to know that is Christianity in a nutshell.

      Some Christians may even agree with you.

      But anyone who gets upset about you knocking their religion must not be confident in what they believe. When we aren’t confident in our knowledge or understanding about something and someone tries to enter into a debate with us, a common human reaction is sadness or anger. Not because you made fun of them or their belief but because they are lacking confidence.

      No one can defend a stance without confidence in their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject.

      Much in the same way a baker in 1900 couldn’t explain Einstein’s theory of relativity before he published it or even speak as an expert.

      No one is an expert on a subject until they have extensively researched and understood the subject.

      I can read the theory explained by Einstein but that does not make me an expert. I can memorize and recite but that does not make me an expert. I can say I am an expert but that doesn’t make me an expert.

      I can claim or reject the theory based on little or no understanding.

      In the same way, an atheist can say Christianity is foolish non sense but not be an expert. Someone can claim they are a Christian and God is real but not be an expert. A leader of a church can say they are a Christian and teach the Bible telling the so called Christians, that don’t read the Bible, what is in it. Someone who has read the Bible cover to cover can claim or reject Christianity and not be an expert.

      I can read a book about the history of art but that doesn’t mean I understood or retained any of the information. Certainly doesn’t make me an expert. Even though “Expert of Art History” sounds catchy and might get me some new friends.

      Also, in the same way, I can claim to be a Republican or Democrat but not know extensively what exactly that means. I can say I’m an American but not be able to tell you anything about the Constitution, the birth of our nation or the bill of rights.

      If you want to be an expert on the matter of whether there is or isn’t a God, then you have to open the textbook, read, study, understand the subject.

      Don’t judge a subject by the ignoramus people who claim to be experts but have never opened textbook or fully understood the subject.

      Being a “true” atheist or Christian requires work, which is where most of us fall short.

      1. Yeah, I think I can claim that is Christianity in a nutshell. The fact is that large numbers of Christians are proud to be closed minded and you have not said a thing about this fact. Instead you want to challenge what it means to be an expert. No one is talking about experts. I am talking about that fact that large numbers of Christians are proudly closed minded and that evidence be damned. I’m open to evidence, Christians in general are not. The fact is that there is zero valid evidence for most of the Bible. Zero, as in none, zip, zilch, nodda.

    6. My point is that the meme can describe a lot of Christians but not Christianity in nutshell. It would be over generalizing to say it describes all Christians.

      The closed-mindedness can come from a lack of confidence of their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and God. Which in turn comes out as “You hurt my feelings” or “You’re making fun of me” when you poke, joke or mock the religion. When we lack understanding it is easier to say I believe and you can’t change my mind than it is to say I believe and don’t know why.

      I have a feeling you are just as closed minded as the Christians you speak of. Judas, a man that claimed to be a follower of Christ, (definition of a Christian), saw with his own eyes the power of God displayed through Jesus. Many miracles and wonders, yet he still didn’t believe. He saw with his own eyes and still didn’t believe. He betrayed Jesus. The Bible is filled with similar stories. If (visual) evidence couldn’t change Judas’ mind, no amount of evidence will change yours.

      Christianity is not a religion. It is a private, personal relationship with Christ. It’s hard to put a definitive name to something like that but most will settle for Christian.

      1. Ah, the old “Christianity isn’t a religion,” argument. Next you’ll be telling me that atheism is the religion. I’ve heard that one before.

        No, I have proven that I am open minded. I have actually changed my religious position. I was a believer and now I am not. I am open to evidence. Show me evidence of your deity of choice and I will believe he exists. That doesn’t mean that I would be a Christian; I won’t be. But it does me that I wouldn’t be an atheist any more. Show me evidence or make a very strong argument.

        Now here is evidence against your deity of choice. The fact that most of the Bible is actually fiction. From Creation to Exodus. From Numbers to Revelations. Almost all of the Bible is fiction. If God exists, then why are there starving people in Africa? Why do people get sick, suffer, and die? How is it that Humans will never be able to explore the entirety of the Universe and yet your alleged deity created the whole thing just for us? How come men don’t have one more rib than women? Etc. I can go on all day.

        The fact is that there is a mountain of evidence pointing to the reality that the Christian God is a fictional character and not a single shred of evidence even suggesting that such a deity actually exists.

        So yes, Christianity in a nutshell is a picture of people who proudly declare that they are closed minded. Are you open or closed to evidence? Why do you believe what you believe? Was your belief shaped by evidence or indoctrination?

        1. Whether you choose to see it or not I am living proof of God’s existence.

          Well, I guess I should start with my testimony. I’ve never actually shared it but I guess no time like the present. I grew up with a so called Christian family. We attended church regularly and participated in all the religious activities. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I actually opened the Bible and read. None of it made sense to me. I believed and didn’t know why. If you can even call that truly believing.

          When my grandma died of cancer and my parents divorced, all in a matter of months, I was thrown from homeschooling into public school in the fourth grade. It was rough. My mom cheated on my dad, got pregnant, moved in with her lover. They married and I had two new step siblings. My step brother was a little older than me. He had a lot of friends and they all liked to do things our parents didn’t want us to do. We drank, we smoked. I was 14 years old and everyone around me was already having sex. Sure enough, I started to also. Sneaking out, partying, lying to our parents about where we were and what we were doing. Stealing. Being hurtful to others. I didn’t have a good relationship with my parents and rebelling seemed to be so much fun. Yet, I still found the time to call myself a Christian.

          My relationship with my dad was okay. He was there but not really there. If that makes sense. My mom… She had been through a lot. At age 7, her dad tried killing her mom. Her mom moved with all the children and wouldn’t get to speak to her dad again until adulthood. Age 12, she started smoking, drinking and having sex. She wound up pregnant and because of the times, my grandma forced her to get an abortion. My mom became an alcoholic and an avid pot smoker. She met my dad, got pregnant again and they married. My mom still hates herself and carries all that pain but she says she believes in God.

          Growing up, living with a mother who hated herself meant not too much love to go around. She was constantly hateful to me. My mom tried killing herself several times while I was young. With our dysfunctional relationship I finally decided to move in with my dad. Not much better, my dad didn’t hate me but he didn’t show much love either. Oh, Christians what a marvelous people…

          My dad wasn’t much better, alcoholic too remarried to a drug addict half his age that would wind up leaving him broke. Financially and emotionally. My dad still says he believes in God.

          In high school, my dad got a little better and remarried. My step mom was a little stricter but could be just as chaotic. She at least put an end to my dad leaving me and my little brother home alone for several days wondering if my dad was still alive.

          My dad got better, but I wasn’t. I still said I believed in God though.

          Crappy relationships, border line alcoholic myself. I found my now husband. We met in high school and were friends but lost touch after graduating. We reconnected one night at his house when he was throwing a party. We were inseparable. We drank, we smoke, we got high, every once and awhile a nice Adderall to keep us up to party all night. Then another pill to calm down. And this one, when something hurt. Little did I know, pills were an occasion for me but turned into an everyday occurrence for my beloved. Me an border line alcoholic. He an alcoholic and drug addict. Probably could throw in sex addict for the both of us too.

          My beloved got his pills from his dad. His dad sold just about everything to everyone including his children. He was once an alcoholic but got clean then turned to pills and currently we think he and his 20 yr old son are doing meth together.

          Did I mention my beloved’s mother was facing meth trafficking, conspiracy for kidnapping and murder at the time. We loved her cartel boyfriend and the idea of someone coming to slaughter the whole family.

          As my beloved’s pill addiction got worse, so did our relationship. I was already living with him and his dad. We were engaged. And I was still calling myself a Christian.

          One night, sitting in the bathroom smoking a joint together, he broke down and said he was going to kill himself. Flashbacks to the time my mom tried. I calmed him down and we went to bed. I called his family for an intervention the next morning after finding a slew of pill bottles in our bathroom drawer. He went to rehab. He came back and immediately started drinking and taking pills again. I was done. I prayed, awkwardly, asking God to help me… If he was there.

          The next morning I left to move back in with my dad and left the ring. My beloved pleaded for me to come back but I thought God was telling me to keep a distance. I went to church and went up for the alter call after the sermon. Devoting myself back to Christ. I was a Christian again and my slate was clean but I didn’t know why. Still more struggles. Me and my beloved did marry.

          To this day me and my beloved still have many struggles. More recently alcohol, smoking cigarettes and pot, lying, porn addiction and domestic abuse. Some we have overcome, some we haven’t. All the while me a non denominational and my beloved a confirmed Catholic.

          The one issue I found most devasting was the porn and sex chat rooms. Although neither of us waited until marriage that was the one part of the vow I felt most devoted to. To be faithful. I can’t describe what that did to my soul and self confidence. I went into a tail spin. I probably spent two solid months coming home from work straight to the fridge for a bottle of wine and drank it in bed until I feel asleep. My bed became my safe haven. It was like all the guilt and shame of my life all came crashing in at once. I was an unlovable, hypocritical, God-less, unsuccessful… Etc. Etc. I hated myself. I had always hated myself but never more than that time in my life. My husband’s own shame and my depression got the better of him. He started picking fights that would end with violence.

          In church, we were taught that if you wanted a good life, an easy life, you have to believe in Jesus and do what the Bible tells you. What on Earth does that even mean? I didn’t have an answer but I had a distinct moment when I was determined to find out who God was and what he wanted from me.

          I started reading the Bible but this time with a little help from an app called Thru the Bible. It’s recordings of a pastor going through each verse of the Bible Genesis through Revelation. It went into a little more depth in an explanation of each verse and some commentary for factual evidence. I listened everyday trying to understand everything that was read. I listened at work, in the car, at home. I wanted to know the whole Bible so I could know if God was real and if He was, how could he drastically change my circumstances. Give me confidence and help my marriage.

          I learned a lot but none of it became real for me until I started applying it to my own life. I’ve always liked science, so it was an opportunity to test a theory. If I do this, because God says to, then this will happen. I first started applying it to my marriage. Alright, God wants me to forgive myself for all my sins and my husband for the things that hurt me. Forgiving myself was difficult but forgiving my husband seemed impossible. Are you kidding me? My husband that chooses porn, alcohol, pot and his friends over me but still has time to pick a fight with me and then physically and emotionally abuse me. Wow, why would God want that? If anything, He should want me to leave. Whatever, for the sake of science I will. Beyond telling my husband I forgave him, I tried showing him more love. When one of his secrets popped up, I silently forgave and didn’t even mention it to him. The results were overwhelming. My husband has changed many things in his life. I have changed a lot of things in mine too. I give God the credit since the theories I tested worked and they were from His word, the Bible.

          I don’t have physical evidence of the change that has occurred in my life. How much sweeter life has become and how much less suffering I have endured. I have used the experiment of the Bible to find the results gratifying.

          All this time, all the bad things that were happening were a result of a sinful world. Got didn’t have anything to do with the bad but He will take something bad and make something good come from it. My life, is proof.

          From my sin, pain and suffering He has given me peace and a road map for a better life while I’m here on Earth. He has equipped me with the knowledge and understanding necessary to take on the consequences of sin. Murder, rape, abuse, cancer, sickness, death. I just need to be willing to do what he wants me to. To test the theory.

          My relationship with God and Christ is very personal. God knows what it’s like to love someone and them hate you back. I’ve been there done that. At one point, I hated God but He loved me. I loved my mom but she hated me. I loved my husband but he hated me. We all have a lot in common with God. We can relate, if we want to. Can’t relate to someone you don’t know. I couldn’t until I read the Bible and could understand.

          Whether you take my testimony as evidence is up to you. Like I said, God has worked miracles and wonders throughout history and the Bible but still there are those that witnessed those things with their own ears and eyes and still don’t believe. That’s just how it is.

          Some people claim there was never an extermination of the Jews in Europe. What proof do we have other than written records of those who were there and the testimony of people who lived through it. Bones can be burned, torture Chambers torn down, but a book with a written record can be preserved forever. Even then, with just a book as evidence. Who can truly believe?

          1. Hannah, first I would like to thank you for your testimony. Everyone’s personal story is different, however many are surprisingly similar. Your story is of course your own and no one has the same story as you. However, I know many Christians and former Christians who have gone through similar situations. The Party life, the depression, the drugs and alcohol, etc. When drugs no longer provide a high, some people turn to the drug of Jesus… or some other imaginary religious figure. I just interviewed a woman today who turned to L. Ron Hubbard. Religious… or “relationships with deities” is just another drug, another addiction. It is actually a far worse addiction than drugs. But that’s another story for another day.

            Here is the thing. You could talk to a Muslim, a Scientologist, or some other sect of Christianity and they could tell you a similar story about how their magical relationship was proof that their ridiculous beliefs are true and yours is not. The reality is that your life got better not because of anything that your imaginary savior did, but because of things YOU did!

            My life got better when I started following the wisdom I found in Star Wars. Yeah, Star Wars! I am being serious about this too. But that doesn’t mean that Star Wars is real. It just means that George Lucas took real wisdom from his life and the lives of other real people to help construct the philosophy of the Jedi.

            The Bible isn’t real. But it is true that real people wrote it. Some of them had some wise things to say… for their time. But most of it is utter crap by our modern understanding of morality. I mean Paul had some serious women issues… and that’s just the New Testament. The Old Testament women were treated less than cattle. The Bible treats them as property. But I digress.

            My point is that there were passages in the Bible that clearly resonated with you. Those passages clearly inspired you to fix your life. That’s awesome, but that doesn’t make the Bible any less fictional. Yoda had some awesome things to say too, but that doesn’t make Darth Vader any more real. What I am saying is that you can take wisdom from the character of Jesus or Mohammad or Luke Skywalker, or whoever without taking the ridiculous beliefs seriously. As my friend Roy would say, you can be good without God. In fact, I am sure you already are, because God is imaginary.

            Be the hero in your own story and treat others as the heroes of their own stories even when they lose their way. Remind them of the people they want to be. As you have already seen, the results can be life changing, but that has nothing to do with the existence of any deities. It is just humans loving humans.

    7. What happened with you? One day, not a Christian, another day you were, and now not again.

      Through every chapter, every story of the Bible I can take some wisdom away. I guess my problem is that I’ve never heard wisdom I took to heart from any man or woman throughout history that I couldn’t also find in the Bible. My idea is that the wisdom was inspired by the all knowing. Your idea is that the wisdom just came from men with good intentions. Where in history has a man had such a profound revelation of wisdom that you can’t also find in the Bible?

      What about my belief in the Bible and my personal intimate relationship with Christ is so dangerous? What harm does that do? What does the Bible tell me to do that would bring any harm?

      Religion can be dangerous. Rituals and practices can be lead by men with with corruptible hearts. The Bible even warns about it. People misuse the Bible for their own benefit all of the time.

      Cults of men raping little girls, child work horses, women oppressed into believing they are not an equal, men required to sell everything they have a give to the church. The priest who tells a little boy he’ll go to hell if doesn’t let him touch him. The list goes on.

      Do we condemn the Bible because some people misuse it?

      1. There is a lot to unpack here. But first let me apologize if what I wrote was unclear or if I mislead you in any way. I am not now, nor have I ever been a Christian. I did grow up Jewish and I was a believer in God. I grew up believing in God the same way I grew up believing in gravity. I learned that one was imaginary and the other is a measurable force of nature.

        You claim that you never heard any wisdom from any other source that wasn’t also in the Bible? Really? Okay, here are just a small smattering of wise things NOT in the Bible. Slavery is immoral. Rape is immoral. Being gay… NOT an abomination punishable by death, but rather two people expressing their deep love an affection. Bet you can’t find those in the Bible. Oh, and the greatest wisdom I have ever learned:

        “People are not good and people are not evil. We are all shades of gray. We are all heroes in our own story who sometimes lose our way. ”

        You can quote me on that!

        What about your belief in the Bible is so dangerous… have you read the Bible?
        Jesus preached that it is better to pluck out your eye and cut off your hands to protect you from the “sins” of sexual arousal and greed. Paul talks about how the head of every home should be a man and that women shouldn’t be allowed to teach. These are just things in the New Testament. Don’t get me started on the Old Testament which advocates rape, genocide, and murdering disobedient children.

        You know, it’s funny that a book series that was perfectly written by the most perfect being in the universe seems oddly easy to misuse. No one worries about misusing The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Everyone seems pretty crystal clear on the moral of that story. Maybe God does exist and is just a really shitty writer. Just a thought. But out of curiosity, I meet a lot of Christians who would tell me that you are misusing the Bible and that they are the ones who understand the Bible’s true message. How do you know who is interpreting the Bible correctly and who is not when you both seem to have diametrically opposite views on things? Again, no one reads The Lorax and believes the message of the book is to cut down all the trees and strip the world’s natural resources. You don’t see many politically conservative logging companies quoting The Lorax to make their case for less regulations. Is Dr. Seuss really that much better of an author than God?

    8. When people are using the Bible correctly. There isn’t a condraction. Growing up in my so called Christian household and my non denominational church, I found contradictions all the time. When people contradict themselves, they can also come across hypocritical. When the Bible is misused by people, it’s the biggest deterrent from God. We place the blame on God instead of people. It’s been my experience that the Bible is misused and misunderstood more than used correctly or understood. I am guilty of that.

      It’s my interpretation, that the ten commandments and the sermon on the mount weren’t given as a set of directions. The purpose was more of a reminder that we are all sinners. We may be able to keep some of those but we will never be able to keep all. Since we can’t, that means we can’t present ourselves clean to God. We present ourselves clean by sacrificing innocent blood (something that is clean) and offering it to God. I’ve never killed an innocent animal but I can only imagine it being one of the most difficult things to do. Used to be an animal, now it’s Jesus. Cutting off your hand is a hyperbole. The purpose of the statement isn’t for you to cut off your hand. It’s to remind us of how bad sin really is. He wanted us to realize how bad it really is so that we could understand our disconnect from God. In order to be reconnected, we use the middle man, Christ.

      The Bible in a nutshell, tells us who God is and who we are. God can keep the ten commandments. Jesus did. God can keep the sermon on the mount. Jesus did. The perfect God, the perfect Jesus, loves me no matter how terrible of a person I can be. Trust me I can be. When I read the Bible I am essentially holding up a mirror to my face and I don’t like the reflection I see. When I call on Jesus name, ask for help in making the right decisions and being good. He does. I will never be perfect. I’m really a very small person. I don’t have a perfect life and it definitely isn’t easy but it is a good life.

      1. Again, there is a lot to unpack here, but I really do want you to understand this. The Bible is full of contradictions and full of horrible things. I pointed out many of them already and you have ignored them. If someone treats women equal to men, that is a contradiction from what the Bible says to do. But that doesn’t mean that it is wrong. It means that the people who wrote the Bible were wrong… and yes, it was people who wrote the Bible… and by people, I mean male people, i.e. men. Again, no one worries about misusing The Lorax. The Bible is a deeply flawed book written by ancient people who’s understanding of the world was limited by their time in history. Humankind has learned a lot about the world and human morality since then.

        As for the Ten Commandments, it isn’t called the Ten Suggestions and I can and have come up with far better lists of ten moral commands. You can too. Don’t use God’s name in vein or thou shall not rape? I think the second one is far more important. Just say’n. Oh, and for the record, you said that Jesus could follow the Ten Commandments… I guess he could hypothetically speaking, but in the Bible he absolutely didn’t! He certainly didn’t honor his mother in some of the Biblical stories. In fact, he was down right mean to her and disobedient. I have to wonder why God didn’t send two bears to rip him apart like he did the 42 kids who called a priest bald. Hannah, it is clear to me that you really don’t know what is in your own Bible. Sure, you’ve read it and listened to sermons about it, but have you really read it and thought about it critically?

        Another thing I want to touch on is the idea that we are all evil sinners. Sorry, but I find that belief to be extremely dangerous and false. I don’t buy it one bit. As I said before, I support the idea that people are shades of gray. That we are all trying to be the heroes of our own story, but often get lost along the way. I say that because 1. I think it is true and 2. because when I treat people this way, I try to understand why they are doing the bad things I think they are doing. This allows me to put myself in their shoes and understand them and their actions. Then I am able to help them make better choices. But a thief believes everybody steals. So if you view everyone you mean as an evil sinner from the start, it makes it easier for you to “sin,” if you want to use that term. I don’t accept the view that I’m expected to do evil because that’s what I am, just an evil sinner. No, I don’t accept that. I look for the best in people and sometimes I find it in the people you would least expect to find it in.

        Finally, let’s get to this whole murdering innocent animal thing. What is with that? Is God some kind of vampire or something? lol. I don’t buy into the view that two wrongs make a right either. So if someone commits a sin (or wrong), I don’t see how murdering an innocent lamb (also wrong), squares that equation. This is ancient bullshit and I don’t buy it. The whole idea that Jesus is somehow the innocent lamb of God is based off this ridiculous idea that people need to murder an innocent creature to right a wrong. It’s silly and false. Jesus can’t forgive your misdeeds. Only the people you have wronged can do that, and it often isn’t easy. Here’s another piece of Staks wisdom I have learned over the years. As hard as it is to seek forgiveness, it is twice harder to grant forgiveness to those who have wronged you. You can lie to someone and ask God for forgiveness and you will get that forgiveness, but it would be as imaginary as the God you asked. Instead, you have to ask the person you lied to for forgiveness and they may not be so quick to grant it. You may have to put in some real work on that one, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

        The thing is that nothing you have said provides any evidence for god, let alone the Christian God. My point here is that God is imaginary, but people are real. Treat people well whether the Bible says so or not. Take a moment and re-read my comment and see if their is any wisdom in anything I have said. Is that wisdom in the Bible? Is it the exact opposite of what is in the Bible? I sure do hope so. 😉

    9. There is some wisdom and some contradiction from what I’ve read in the Bible. You have certainly put me on my toes and helped me realize there are some things I need to revisit. Thank you for taking time to speak with me!

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