• Corporate Religious Exemptions

    money bibleThe Supreme Court just ruled that corporations can have religious exemptions from laws. This is ridiculously insane for so many reasons.

    First, corporations aren’t human beings; they don’t get human rights. A corporation may have a guiding philosophy behind said corporation, but a corporation does not have beliefs because it isn’t a sentient being. Corporations by their very nature have one primary goal and that is to make money.

    Second, no one should he allowed exemption from the law for religious reasons. Laws apply to everyone!! Allowing some people to be exempt from the law because of their religious affiliations creates a ruling class.

    Third, because no particular religious belief has been singled out here, anyone can claim religious belief and become exempt from the law. This turns laws into mere suggestions.

    Forth, since corporations have the primary goal of making money, any law that get in the way of that goal can be ignored. Making money is the corporation’s religion. You can’t discriminate against their religion, right?

    Hobby Lobby may be fundamentalist religious assfucks, but what is to stop every other corporation from claiming a religious exemption because they just don’t want to pay for their employee’s healthcare? Don’t get me wrong, they will still pay a little bit for your healthcare for appearance sake, but when it actually comes to coverage, why should they cover anything for anyone?

    Oh, you need heart surgery? Sure you have health insurance through your employer, but the corporation doesn’t cover heart surgery because they don’t believe in hearts. As a corporation, they are heartless and that is their deeply held religious believe. They demand an exemption!

    The religion of corporations is to make money. Corporations are not people and they don’t have religious beliefs aside from the belief to make money. This Supreme Court ruling destroys our already fucked up insurance system.

    This is the real reason behind this Supreme Court ruling. It has nothing to do with some Christian’s anti-women beliefs; it has to do with corporations saving money on healthcare costs by allowing them to refuse to cover pretty much everything. While you still have pay for health insurance, the insurance you have just won’t cover your medical needs. We are now being forced to buy a broken product at full cost.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.


    1. Your post is pathetically misleading. As you pointed out, there were only four birth control methods at issue out of 20 available. The four in question had to do with terminating an already fertilized egg as opposed to preventing a fertilized egg. I don’t agree with the distinction between the two methods (both are ok in my book) but private businesses should not be forced to unreasonably comply with laws that go against their conscious. This is one of the major problems with one-size-fits-all government run healthcare. The decision was reasonable and will not result in the hysterical conclusions you made in your post.

      1. Businesses don’t have a conscious!! They are not people. They only care about profits. So if a corporation can make more profits by claiming that giving employers decent healthcare is against their religious beliefs, then they will do exactly that.

        Personally, I don’t believe in Wall Street handouts, so can I claim a religious exemption to the law and not pay taxes? Why can corporations be exempt from the law, but not individuals?

        1. Your points are hysterical and not practical. No one is talking about taking away health care or even contraception (when did that become a right that someone else pays for, btw?). This isn’t about profits but about an ever more powerful centralized government overstepping its bounds against freedom of religion. I say this even though I’m an athiest.

          1. I didn’t say they will take healthcare away; I said you will still have to pay for healthcare but you won’t get most of the benefits of having healthcare. If Hobby Lobby can claim a religious exemption and not have to pay for birth control, then Walmart can claim religious exemption and not have to pay for vaccines. Haliburton can claim religious exemption and not have to cover any treatment for heart disease, etc. No one should be exempt from the law because of their religious affiliation and corporations aren’t even anyone, they are corporations.

            1. It gets tiring stating the obvious over and over. This decision only had to do with family owned or closely held corporations. So this would not apply to publicly traded companies like Haliburton or Walmart. This has a negligible effect on any bodies healthcare. And since when did all types of contraception become a right someone else has to pay for? Do I have a right for someone else to pay for my hair plugs?

            2. 90% of all corporations are closely held corporations… including Mars (35,000+ employees) and Cargill (140,000+ employees).

              A point to keep in mind is that many birth control products are not just for birth control… and the products that are claimed to be abortifactants are anything but.

              The problem here is religion is being used as justification for denying basic services to others. Religion is the problem… not even corporations.

              I still wonder if SCOTUS would have even heard this case had it been Muslim owned businesses.

            3. I see the problem much more that the iron-fist of an over-reaching centralized government wants to smash down any dissent and forcibly compel everyone to follow what it deems necessary.

            4. If the government said that no businesses had to offer health insurance, how many do you think would?

              If no businesses had to follow OSHA, how many would?

              We have enough problems when there are rules and regulations in place. I guess we could go back to the bad old days, but that’s one thing that would drive me to leave the country.

              While it’s not perfect, government tried to protect the interests of the country and the world at large. Would any company spend money on air and water pollution controls if not for the government? Sure, maybe a few would.. until they got bankrupt by the competition

              Vaccines, for example, are required for everyone. That’s because they only work when everyone has them. We can barely convince people that it’s in their own best interest to be protected against seriously dangerous diseases. So the government compels obedience. Because it is best for everyone. Does government always act in the best interest of everyone? Of course not, we see that in this decision. Certain groups are exempt from the law. That’s a mistake.

            5. Businesses were never required to offer health insurance. It was voluntary and done to attract good workers. That’s an example of free markets and competition. Obama has greatly exceeded his intended powers and the courts in a relatively small way culled that power back. You think the answer to our problems is a centralized iron-fisted federal government whereas I believe in the power of the states and localities. Our founders never intended for so much power and control to be exercised by the Feds.

            6. Wow, quite the hyperbole there. “iron-fisted federal”

              Anyway, I live in Texas. I have ZERO faith in state governments to do much of anything, except line the politicians pocket books. Generally, with the lives of our citizens. Are you aware, for example, that companies engaged in fracking do not have to report water extracted from aquifers. They can take as much as they want and the people who depend on that water (including farmers) have no idea what is being taken.

              You seem to think that corporations will police themselves. And that the millions of people who are out of work and want jobs will somehow convince employers to not only hire them, but to also provide insurance. Let’s see, if I was a company and had the choice between hiring 10 people who demanded health insurance and 10 people who didn’t…

              Like the government, all of our society is based on the interplay of competing factors. Legislative, judicial, executive. In business it would be: profit, regulations, and maybe something else.

              Our founders also never saw a condition where Christians would have absolute authority over the interpretation of laws in this country.

              Things change. Even the First Amendment could be repealed (in part or totality). I don’t think it likely, but the Constitution is a living document, it’s not static. Our world is changing. We can’t depend on the ideas of people who never had electricity to deal with software licensing and copyright law. We can’t depend on people who took months to cross the Atlantic to tell us how to handle internet communication and air travel.

              We’re making this up as we go along. It is better for everyone in a country to be healthy and worrying about not going to the doctor or skipping a weeks worth of medication because they can’t afford it.

              Apparently you think I’m being a jack-booted thug for wanting everyone in the US to have basic medical care available whenever they need it.

              And, I will remind you that ACA was passed by congress.

            7. You have forgotten or unaware of what made this country great. States were to have sovereignty. If one didn’t like how a particular state was run then they could move to another state of their liking. One size fits all centralized government simply doesn’t work. And business have not and cannot ever be forced to hire workers. It’s amazing how you the the government should just be able to use brute force it’s will on the people. Businesses hire workers because they want to expand their business. And in a healthy economy (unlike what we’ve had the past 6 years) there’s competition to hire good workers and therefore wages and benefits increase. That’s the only way it can happen and be sustainable.

            8. My previous reply was cut off. I believe that someone else shouldn’t have to pay for my healthcare. It’s my responsibility. Maybe you’ll be happy with VA type of care but most of us won’t. The wheels are falling off Obamacare but your ideology won’t allow you to see that.
              Tha ACA was passed by congress? What a joke! Not one republican voted for it and it was passed by a corrupt process without even being read ahead of time. Obamacare was passed with so many lies. You must be very proud. It’s now believed obamacare will cost taxpayers 2.7 trillion over the next ten years when Obama promised it would be revenue neutral. That’s just one of the many lies that were golf to get this pile of shit passed.

            9. I’m sorry, I don’t think this is going to be productive. You seem to be a Fox News fan and I’m just not equipped to deal that level of fantasy. makes my blood pressure go up.


            10. I agree that talking with you is a waste of time. You’re probably an MSNBC fan (you and five others).

            11. I keep hearing this argument that people can just move. Don’t like it, just move states. Just move jobs. Just move countries. People using these arguments have no grounding in reality. People cannot just move states if they don’t like something in theirs. People can’t just change jobs. I know people who have been trying to get work for years (with advanced degrees).

              No, one size fits all doesn’t work. No one ever said it did. Look very carefully at what I actually wrote, not what you think it means. I said that the US is better off with a healthy workforce. Do you agree or disagree? Historically, businesses have not provided health insurance unless mandated by law? agree or disgaree?

              Businesses want to grow, higher workers is only part of the equation. Hiring workers CHEAPLY is a bigger part. Why do you think that China has so much of our manufacturing? And Vietnam and Malaysia have so much of our textile work? Because they can pay workers much, much less and even with shipping, it’s cheaper than hiring Americans.

              Brute force? I think that the government MUST do things that businesses and people won’t do for themselves. Requiring that everyone have some form of medical care is “brute force”. Requiring that industries use resources responsibly and don’t just dump waste into rivers? That’s brute force.

              Well, if that’s you definition, then I guess I’m all for brute force. Forty years ago, there was no a single living thing in the lower Neches River in Texas. Refineries were allowed to dump chemical waste into the river. Ocean vessels would run up that river to kill the barnacles on the hulls of the ship. Sadly, that river is also the water source for at least 5 cities and towns. Now, thanks to the Brute-force, jack-booted thugs of government, that river is alive again. It’s safe to swim in.

              I would like to hear your definition of a “healthy economy”. The Dow has hit the highest ever in the last 6 years. We’ve made up the lost jobs due to the big crash during the Bush years. Wages are going up, admittedly in spite of the federal government, but due to state and local governments.

              I’m really curious. You seem to feel that Obama is the cause of all these problems. I find that interesting, since the problems you refer to have been due to Bush and that Obama is forced to act (when it’s legally allowed) outside of congress because, and the Republican dominated House would rather destroyed the US than support Obama.

            12. “Historically, businesses have not provided health insurance unless mandated by law? agree or disgaree?”

              Disagree. Health insurance by employers came about during WW2. Jobs were plentiful because of the war effort, but wages were frozen. Companies began offering health coverage to retain their employees, period. Never was any law, just self-interest which is always a great motivator.

            13. “Our founders also never saw a condition where Christians would have absolute authority over the interpretation of laws in this country.”

              Now that’s truly a stretch. Don’t know how you might define “Absolute”, but that word stretches reality too much, And by the way, the ACA was passed by Democrats without a single GOP vote, amid all sorts of bargains and kickbacks for the ones who were cajoled into ignoring the Constitution. The ACA was never, and is not now, about healthcare. It was always about control, and court cases like this one only illustrates the fact. Sipping at the government trough and expecting others to pay your way through life is far from what the founders thought would be our future. And if you think there’s no iron fist in our government, just piss off some petty bureaucrat and let me know what you think after the roof falls on you.

    2. Your blanket assertion that “Corporations aren’t people” is not really an argument. The supreme court decision is not predicated on the idea that a corporation is literally a person, but rather that under the surface a corporation absolutely IS a group of people acting in concert. The precedent that informs this decision is simply the principle that the rights I enjoy as an individual I do not surrender because I choose to act in concert with someone else.

      I’ve seen a lot of hysterical hyperbole on this, but I have yet to see a compelling argument why a group of people acting together, as part of an organization should no longer enjoy the rights they had as individuals.

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