• Finally, ‘Proof Jesus Was God’

    are-you-there-god-its-you-jesusEarly last week, a Christian commented that he had proof the Jesus was God. I’m an open minded sort, so I asked him to present his “proof.”

    Well, it wasn’t quite that simple. He told me that I had to call him on the phone to get his “proof.” I’m not much of a phone person and my time is sporadic and limited. So I questioned him on his “proof.” I asked him to Google this “proof” because I have pretty much heard every argument and more times than not, the “proof” is something stupid like, “all of nature is proof of God,” or “millions of people can’t be wrong,” or “if you are wrong, you will be tortured for all eternity,” or “miracle!” A simple Google search usually knocks the wind out of the sails of these types of Christians.

    For the record, I don’t even need proof; I would settle for some valid evidence. Am I not merciful. Keep in mind that just proving that God exists wouldn’t convert me to Christianity nor would proving that Jesus was God and that the Bible is 100% true. Sure if a Christian could present some valid evidence for his or her deity of choice, I would no longer be an atheist and I would absolutely accept that God exists. But that doesn’t mean I would worship such a deity.

    No, I would then require a reason to worship. Being all-powerful isn’t enough. God would have to prove himself morally and if the Bible is any indication, God fails on that one. In fact, if reality is any indication, God fails on that one too.

    Anyway, so I finally locked down a time to Skype with this Christian so that I could hear this “proof” since he was unwilling to e-mail it to me. Are you ready?

    He told me that I had to take careful note of my emotional state. For the record, I was in a pretty calm mood. Then he told me to repeat after him (which I did), “Jesus Christ, I am seeking you, please reveal yourself to me through my emotions.” I’m paraphrasing, but that was pretty much the gist of it.

    Guess what happened? Nothing! Not a thing. My new Christian was stunned. I even did it again for him. He told me that he had presented this “proof” to over one hundred people and that it worked every time. I explained to him this was not the first time I had sincerely asked God for a sign and got nothing.

    Apparently, the fact that I got nothing did nothing to diminish his belief in his deity of choice. If God always answers this type of prayer, then the fact that I wasn’t converted on the spot seems like pretty strong evidence against the existence of this deity. Yet my new Christian friend said that he would pray to God to find out why I was not shown the sign that I asked for. I bet God tells him that I wasn’t sincere enough. That’s how this game is usually played.

    So it took me about a week to pry this “proof” from this Christian and it was disappointing. He didn’t even have to Google his “proof” he just had to search my old website.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.


    1. You were very patient. Prompting the victim to have an emotional reaction to a small prayer is “proof?” I have had various evangelists from a few different religions try the same thing. They usually get angry when I don’t respond with the appropriate conversion epiphany. I suspect this is all it took for them to adopt the religion, and they are a bit threatened when others don’t react the same way.

    2. Yeah, I can’t imagine why nothing happened. It’s almost as if your knowledge and logic overran your visceral emotional response. Or maybe you just weren’t sincere enough, like that snake-handling preacher who died after being bitten.

    3. “I had sincerely asked God for a sign and got nothing.”

      That is one step too many, because it assumes without further evidence that the claims to the particular tribal god written in some compilation by a collection of people with a non verifiable history as a tribe should be taken seriously.

    4. excellent approach. For a long time now, my question to people trying to prove the existence of their deity is Why? Why should I believe in your god? what do I get out of it? happiness? peace? I have those without make believe. Eternal life? who the hell wants that?

      My best friend’s daughter died of cancer at 4 years old. Anybody that wants to prove god to me needs to explain that. I cant even begin to imagine the pain and heartbreak that my friends are suffering and will probably continue to suffer with for the rest of their lives. If the random killing of children is “God’s will” then I want nothing to do with him/her.

      1. Wow, you’re an atheist? You must be really smart. A real free thinker. Except, well…. Let’s put the faux-analytical hyperbole away for a while and look at reality: Kalaam Cosmological Argument, teleological argument, First Cause/Unmoved Mover, the impossibility of infinite causal regress, the necessity of at least one unconditioned reality, the Argument from Reason, Fine Tuning of Universal Constants, irreducible biological complexity, the argument from morality… While you sit there in your Hitchens-Dawkins parroting bubble and regurgitate pseudo-intellectual douchisms, your entire world view lies shattered at your feet. If you truly honor the gods of reason and critical thinking half as much as you claim, you would plant your face firmly into your hand, step away from the device, find a quiet place, and rethink your life.

        1. Thank you for proving my point. All those arguments have been refuted. Just do a 5-minute Google search. Second, because you are a troll and post the same insult filled comment on every blog post, I will be blocking you from here on out. Third, as I told you months ago when you posted this exact same comment on multiple blog posts of mine, I have been an atheist long before “Hitchens-Dawkings” so it is not me “parroting” them. Third, I re-think my life everyday and you should too. Thinking and re-thinking is awesome and you should try it some time. That is all. We’re done here.

    5. If there were proof that Jesus is God, we all would be Christians. The mere fact that we are not implies that there is no proof. After all, everyone believes in gravity, right? Everyone believes that 2+2=4, right? Everyone believes that the world was created 4.5 billion years ago, right? Oops. Forgot the last one is contradicted by the Bible, so it cannot be correct according to literalist Christians (a major strike against literalism, if you ask me–Islam has no such dating problem but there are numerous others which also leads me to reject literalist readings of the Qu’ran).

      The only way that I will accept a proof is if it is falsifiable. Since the Bible is not falsifiable according to literalist Christians, nothing in it can be accepted as proof (same goes for the Qu’ran, and the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster). We either have belief or we lack belief. Asking for proof of God is to deny God since scripture itself using the terms “faith” and “belief” rather than “proof” and “knowledge” (I have no faith or belief that 2+2=4, I KNOW it is true and I can prove it–the proof takes a few pages and it is actually non-trivial).
      It might be better to point out to anyone who offers a proof of God is that the only way they can do this would be to establish God as an axiom (one could then state that scripture is proof but only because you started by defining God as axiomatic, which rather defeats the purpose of trying to convince others of your position). Since God is (by definition) not within our system of reference and since we can only prove things that are within our system of reference, it should be obvious that God cannot be proven. For example, you cannot prove something that exists outside of any mathematic construct using the system of mathematics.

      The simplest example of this is the causal proof. Since everything is created by something but we know that time is not infinite, there must be an original cause. That cause is God. Okay, then what created God. God is uncreated. Oops. Problem again. We have to violate our first principles because the concept of God always lies outside the system in which we set about trying to prove Him. Tell the Christian that proof of God’s existence is futile. Stop trying. If you demand proof of your God, you are not a believer in God since the creation does not ask this from its creator if they creation has faith. Funny how little faith so many believers actually have…

      1. ask me any question after you read the other comments below if they process them. “quick to listen and slow to speak.” opinions aren’t generosity toward your neighbor. say what you are as sure to be true as the fact you should not marry your sister. if you disagree, willingly ask yourself if what i said is wrong and if you judged me ahead of time. when someone presents proof you have a choice to “pretended penguins never existed” or “accept truth”. kindly.

    6. after your corrupt ranted
      Isaiah 43:11/Isaiah 53:4/Isaiah 53:2(son of a virgin)
      fishers of men/walking on water
      Isaiah 66:1/Psalm 110:1/Psalm 19:1
      Isaiah 28:11:Romans 10:12
      parables exist in the old testament. Daniel 2:36
      Jeremiah 23:5-6 describes a man as the omnipreeminent.
      even in parable form Jer 33:17 describes something of a seemingly contradictory nature unless you properly interpret.
      by saying corrupt i “exposed a fruitless deed of darkness”
      the reason lies are evil is the same reason homosexuality is evil. two voids can’t make a creation just as scientists haven’t proven the big-bang because they say “spontaeous combustion/creating or destroying matter” lacks possibility. and two indrediants require a molder, but you spoke words which teach a “yes and no” which is far from the truth. i showed you true information. if you disagree, continue reading the torah (not bad at all) yet i receive word. my profile picture resembles a sheep in goats clothing. 1 Samuel 16:7

    7. if you had any well discernment you would question why he was afraid to speak a powerful word and then simply wait with hope regardless. why gossipped about someones sin?

    8. anyone who sits at the king’s right hand must be equal with the King.
      Psalm 110:1 david isnt the omnipreeminent

    9. You cant just do that.. why? (Am I’m going to put this in plain English, not some 16th Century jargon of the King James Bible..

      Why? Because you are doing it out of spite.. (nagging is a better way to put this I guess) you have it already in your mind that Jesus is the Son of God (which history proved he is already. I mean how many times have you died for a lie? Which Chrdits followers died for their reverence in Him being the son of God) You need to open mindedly do your dillegdnt research on him. It is funny to me how people believe in Nostridomas and such, but totally shun the History of Christ. All of the History of Christ is written by those who lived with him.. and some who lived before, yet were spot on with His prophecy.. So, all of Christs life was either put into writing before He was born ( and proven to be spot on with his birth) or were written with those who experienced Him first hand ( again, it goes back to whether you would be willing to be exicuted for a lie😕)

      1. So you believe David Koresh was the son of God too? Because all his followers died believing he was. Why would they die for a lie? Oh, and then there was Heaven’ Gate. Why would all those people die for a lie? I guess they really did hop on board a comet headed to heaven. I could of course go on. BTW, for the record, you are incorrect when you said that everything written about Jesus was written by people who knew him. Half the NT was written by allegedly written by Paul and he never met him at all. #fact

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