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    I’m a Star Wars scholar; not a Biblical scholar, but I have read the Bible a few times and I think almost everyone has gotten the wrong idea about Jesus. He was not really a charitable kind of guy. Charity was not his thing.

    How can I say that? I mean Jesus not only talked about giving ALL your possessions to the poor (multiple times) he also said that it is easier for an elephant to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into Heaven… maybe it was a donkey, but if he knew about elephants that would have been a way better example. Look, I’m not questioning these statements, but I am questioning the motivation behind them.

    Those who attempt to portray Jesus as this humanistic, liberal, hippy are taking those statements out of context. If you look at the context of Jesus’s ministry in the Bible, it is pretty clear that didn’t think people should give to the poor for any moralistic reason; he was preaching about the end times. Jesus stated that a generation shall not pass before the end of days. According to the Gospels, Jesus believed that the end was near. He was basically the Harold Camping of his day.

    That being said, he believed that God’s kingdom was approaching that that those who were unsaved would face some pretty rough times on Earth after he and his followers were whisked away to Heaven. Okay, maybe he hadn’t thought all that through and that was just the later interpretation of the Book of Revelation, but he definitely didn’t think he would need the money since Heaven was right around the corner.

    Supporting my point that Jesus was not really about the whole charity thing, in Matthew 15:26 he said, “But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.” He basically saw those who were not saved as dogs. But since he and his followers weren’t sticking around, why not give your money away and focus on spreading the message of the eminent apocalypse? That is after all what Harold Camping was doing to a lesser extent – Spending large sums of money on billboards spreading the “good news.”

    Jesus specifically told his followers to give their money away and preach instead. It wasn’t about good will toward those who were less fortunate; it was because he wanted his followers to focus on spreading the message of Armageddon. Jesus didn’t give an ox’s ass about the poor. He just was focused on sitting at the right hand of God in Heaven.

    That’s just my interpretation of it and I could be wrong. I welcome people to bring more evidence to the table to defend any differing opinions. Like I said, I’m a Star Wars scholar, not a Bible scholar. But I have read the Bible a few times and spent a fair amount of studying that too.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.


    1. A little knowledge is dangerous, and you have about as little as possible. You need to stick to subjects you are more familiar with. Blind leading the blind here.

      1. Are you trying to personally attack me in order to prove that my opinion is invalid without any evidence? As I said, I could be wrong and if I am, please present some valid evidence that I am. If it is valid, I will thank you for it and retract my statement. But trying to insult me (poorly I might add) isn’t going to do it.

    2. The “eye of a needle” was a small pathway on the walls of ancient cities. Its purpose was so that at nighttime people could come and go without opening the main gate and risking an ambush. It was tough for a camel to walk through and took effort, but was not impossible. It does not mean a needle that you sow with.

        1. I know that was not the point of your post, however, when you are incorrect about one thing it hurts the rest of your argument.

          1. First, I’m not sure I was incorrect about anything and second, that had nothing to do with my argument so it wouldn’t hurt my argument even if I was incorrect about it. Besides, it was clearly a joke. The argument however holds.

    3. Read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in their entirety. It’s a fair amount of reading, but you could spread them out. Get a Bible concordance when you do it. Anything you are confused about you will be able to look up the exact original Greek word and what its exact translation is. This will really help your understanding.

    4. Recommend that you read the book entitled, “Jesus, A Pilgrimage” by Jesuit priest James Martin. You’ll have a lot better understanding of Jesus and His relationship with the poor.

    5. I agree that Jesus’ ministry was not “about charity.” His ministry was much more about the redemption of men and women and the worship of God.

      However, your statement that “it is pretty clear that [He] didn’t think people should give to the poor for any moralistic reason” is inaccurate. Read Matthew 6:1-4. The passage talks about giving to the poor in secret. It ends with the statement that God will reward you for doing so. If Jesus believed that God rewards you for the action of giving to the poor (and yes in private so that you will not receive an earthly reward of praise from others), it is logical to conclude Jesus believes God is in approval of giving to the poor. And for those that believe in God, an action pleasing to God is the definition of moral (according to the Google dictionary: “concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character”).

    6. Did you find the areas where the Bible and Star Wars parallel during your Star Wars studying, particularly the New Testament with Episode I, eg.virgin birth, Yoda and his 12 Jedi “disciples,” etc.?
      George Lucas appears to have appreciated the Bible.

      You made a good point,initially about Jesus not telling people to give everything they own away, but you went in a strange direction after that. Who’s know what the historical Jesus said, people preaching the writing of some dead scribes with a motive.

      1. Yes, George Lucas used a lot of different religious ideas in Star Wars, but virgin birth is hardly unique to Christianity. 12 has also always been a mystical number (i.e. 12 signs of the zodiac). So I don’t really see this speaking to Christianity in particular.

        Second, Jesus didn’t exist. There was no historical Jesus. It’s fiction.

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