• Religion Is an Embarrassment To Humanity

    There really is no nice way of saying this but religion really is an embarrassment to humanity. I just have a hard time believing that the majority of the people on this planet are willing to suspend the use of logic, reason, and the scientific method in favor of ancient myths that are ridiculous, self-contradictory, and immoral. Why would anyone believe such absurd stories from people who thought the world was flat over the actual scientific understanding of our modern world complete with testable evidence.

    I mentioned that these stories are ridiculous, right? I mean a talking, walking snake, a burning bush, an ark filled with at least two and sometimes seven of every animal? And that is just in the first book. That Jesus guy is crazy and his dad is a complete sociopath and they are the good guys in the series. Even if you take these stories as metaphors for life of something, these “perfect” characters are deranged. Plus, if these holy books are metaphoric, than wouldn’t God a metaphor too?

    Science has provided us with an unprecedented understanding of the world which has allowed us to alter our environment for better and for worse. We have air-conditioning, heaters, and fairly accurate weather forecasting. Granted, we also have global climate change. Religion on the other hand has virgins in volcanos, chickens feet, rain dances, and prayers to imaginary deities. None of which have actually been shown to work.

    Science has provided us with an unprecedented understanding of the world which has allowed us to vaccinate ourselves against many illnesses, treat many illnesses, cure a few illnesses, replace vital organs and limbs, and extend health and life. Religion has magic spells, voodoo dolls, and prayers to imaginary deities. None of which have actually been shown to work even though they are constantly doing studies on prayer and health.

    Science has provided us with an unprecedented understanding of the world which has allowed us to communicate with each other nearly instantaneously from almost anywhere on the planet, translate one language to another with a fair degree of accuracy, and transport people to the other side of the globe in less than a day. The Bible talks about how God spread people across the globe and gave them different languages because they wanted to work together in peace. Plus, religions have been known to be pretty divisive. Holy war after holy war, there seems to be no reasonable way to settle faith based assertions.

    Science has provided us with an unprecedented understanding of the world which has allowed us to actually predict the future! I talked about the weather and medicine earlier, both of which science has had some pretty great success with predictions. But there is more. Science can predict so much more too. What has religion predicted? The world will end in less than a generation from the time of Jesus. Oops. I guess he got that one wrong. But that’s okay, because Jesus rode on a donkey so that he could fulfill that prediction. Wait, let me repeat that. He did what? So that he could do what? *facepalm*

    Okay, if you are religious or are someone who would like to defend religion in this case,
    Try to look at this from my perspective. Imagine that you are living in a world filled with people who seriously believe Harry Potter is a bio-pic. There is magic and miracles, angels and wizards, demons and dementors. It is all so fictional. Can you really blame someone from laughing at such ridiculous beliefs without any valid evidence?

    When I hear people talk about their religious beliefs with a straight face I am embarrassed for them and for humanity. This is the 21st century and we are still believe this nonsense and are forced to take people who believe it seriously.

    Sam Harris once talked about what he imagines would happen if someone talked about in a job interview how they had a serious, deeply held belief that Elvis was still alive. It goes without saying that they probably wouldn’t get the job and yet most Americans have no problem at all talking in a job interview or anywhere else about their serious, deeply held belief that Jesus is still alive. Look, as a fair-minded person, I will concede that maybe Jesus is still alive. Bring him over and let me meet him and ask him questions. Show me the evidence! If you can’t, then I just can’t believe such a ridiculous claim. The fact that so many people do is an embarrasses to humanity.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.


    1. Actually: Humanity is an embarrassment to itself. After over sixty years of living I feel ashamed of our species.

      Too stupid to realize that destroying the nest you live in gets you kicked out, too stupid to be able to accept that what we have here is all we’ve got, instead they all build false idols named god and taking orders from invisible non existent entities…ahhhhh

        1. We have nothing but time fam, plz ignore the doomsdayers, the world has been ending for thousands of years, let them tell it lol

      1. Thanks for another steaming pile of pseudo-intellectual Hitchens-Dawkins parroting blather, you neck bearded megadouche, Yours is a petty, trivial, localized, earth bound philosophy, unworthy of the universe, STFU!

        1. Can somebody just screen that idiot out? That turd seems to pop out of the sewer everywhere, anonymous of course, just a regular piece of nondescript shit.

          1. He just makes himself look bad by not actually addressing anything and resorting to childish name-calling. Obviously, he has no intellectual response to this post. If he did, he would have presented.

      2. Problem with that idea is that, you are generalizing. Including YOURSELF in an ideology, you personally don’t hold, does you a disservice. There are plenty of US, who ARE aware and practice those exact tenets u put on the table 🙂

        1. Short anecdote: We decided to have kids later in life, because before the late 1980 the threat of atomic confrontation made it impossible for us to consider
          bringing kids into a world that might get incinnerated. Hope sprang again with the fall of the wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, considerations for the environment and preservation…that hope did not last long. War in Kuwait with massive pollution, Afghanistan, Iraq, the waste of vast amounts of moneys vanishing again into the pockets of war profiteers.
          Environmentally – no need to talk about that. It is our demands that we got to have what we determine to be our need – that drives every attempt to reduce, refuse recycle into the ground.

          1. I was referring to your assertion that mankind is an embarrassment to himself, I’m lost on what your reply is for… could u clarify that for me?

    2. Why would anyone believe these stories? Virtually everyone they trust believes them, including their families and the culture in which they live. The stories make them feel good and foster a sense of community with others who believe them. Perhaps the more interesting question is how we have been able to step outside the influence of these factors and examine the stories critically. How is it that we have been able to overcome the emotional attachment so many seem to have to these ancient tales?

      1. Will, everything starts as a matter of will. We have belief because somebody desired to escape the daunting task of learning so they willed faith into existence. Somebody else desired rather to know instead, that will gave them knowledge. My mother’s an ordained minister, I rejected the church 17 years ago. My sister embraces it completely. Why? Our desires are different so our will to do or not do, follow suit..

    3. I dream of a day that people will eventually grow up and drop religion altogether. I dont’ believe religion has any place what so ever in the 21st centurary. Religion has so much to answer for around the world from genital mutilation to mass murder. Religion is a hidiouse scar on humanity that needs to heal to reason. I am hopful that there will come a day when religion is seen to be as ridiculous as the flat earth. A day when reason clears the way for the maturation of humanity.

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