• Atheism Proven Wrong?

    I got a hilarious comment from a Christian recently. He claimed that atheism has been proven to be wrong. I didn’t know whether my gut was going to explode from laughter or my head was going to explode from his ignorance and stupidity.

    For starters, atheism isn’t a belief system. All atheism is, is a lack of belief in deities. So the only way to prove atheism wrong is to prove that theism is true. I have yet to see any valid evidence in support of theism let alone solid iron-clad proof that any gods exist.

    That’s really all it would take; all a theist really has to do is present some sort of valid, testable, evidence for their deity of choice. Instead, all we get are poorly thought out philosophical arguments, word games, threats of eternal torture, bribes of eternal rewards, and a whole lot of mere assertions. Religious believers seem to be a little light in the actual testable evidence department.

    On the other side, many religious claims have been demonstrated to be flat out false. The list is nearly endless. Starting from Genesis and straight on through to the Book of Revelation, claim after claim has been refuted. Why would anyone take anything the Bible says seriously after so many of the claims made in the book series has been exposed to be false – not to mention completely ridiculous.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is any testable evidence that disproves God – although there are some pretty good arguments that disprove God. I do think that the track record of the Bible isn’t that great and that alone should raise some doubts about some of the more ridiculous concepts – like a deity.

    In the absence of evidence for the existence of a deity, it is only logical to be skeptical about the existence of such a deity – especially given the ridiculousness of the concept and the ridiculously poor track record of the Bible and other “holy” books. Plus, like I said, there are some pretty good arguments against the concept of a deity ad science has shown time and again that it can build a probable model of the universe without the need for a deity in that model. While this is not “proof” or testable evidence, it is a valid reason to reject the claim in the absence of supporting evidence for the claim. So there!

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.


    1. This is quoted from a theist who sees it as ironclad logical proof of god’s existence: “… the fact that God-denial logically entails the absurdity that it is impossible that human beings can reason and know truth.”

      The assumption he makes is that rationality can’t develop naturally in a material world – it must be the product of an intelligent source. He, and many other theists, take this as axiomatic, while I would say it’s just an unfounded assertion. And this is where reasoning ends.

    2. Atheism has not been proven false, but the ideology of materialism has been proven false/superseded. Many atheists/materialists such as Dawkins, Randi, Krauss etc us materialism to defend their atheism, they shouldn’t.

      If all atheism is, is ‘a lack of belief in deities’ then i’m sure you will not mind this though.

      1. 1. Materialism hasn’t been proven false unless you have some evidence for the “spiritual world” that I am unaware of.
        2. Atheism is simply a lack of belief in deities, but most atheists are also Humanists. People are more than just one thing. Atheism is a lack of a thing and not a thing in itself.

        1. Many scientists are unaware that materialism is an assumption; they simply think of it as science, or the scientific view of reality, or the scientific worldview. They are not actually taught about it, or given a chance to discuss it. They absorb it by a kind of intellectual osmosis

          There are really only two options.

          1. Atheism is not based on materialism, in which case it is an absurdity. (Asserting a universal negative requires universal knowledge -omniscience- absent a exclusionary affirmative proposition)

          2. Atheism is based on materialism, in which case it is a faith based position because materialism has not been proven.

          The fact that you defended materialism then in the next sentence said, atheism is just a lack etc make me smile.

          The only thing religious people have in common is a belief in the non material, there are just different branches to suit different cultures, same as with atheism

          Seriously there is no meaningful distinction in real life between “without a belief in God ” and “belief that there is no god” In practice – what atheists actually do and say – the latter is far more consistent than the former.

          1. Wow, there is so much crap here it would take me awhile to respond to it all and I have better things to do. I have pretty much addressed all these issues in previous blog posts anyway — So help yourself.

    3. The Book of Genesis is not a scientific explanation of the world or universe, as such. It is simply a metaphor or poetic explanation by people who had limited resources to explain what modern science does today. It is ludicrous for us to expect otherwise. Why demand what they could not even have possibly understood…but on the other hand, today those in physics claim that everything came from light…interestingly the very first words that the Bible has God saying are: Let there be light….hmmm!

      1. Wait, the Bible isn’t a science book? Duh! However, billions of people around the world believe that it is… including you. How can you just admit that the Bible has nothing to do with science and then claim that it accurately represents science in one short paragraph? *facepalm*

        Let me be clear here. The Bible is fiction. It has zero scientific value.

    4. Science has proven what has happened in the bible to be TRUE. I mean you can find it on the internet, there are a of proven miracles by God. And maybe you should leave you couch, get out in the world and see that science proves God, and how did Humans just appear hu?

      1. Please cite an actual study that “proves” any Biblical claim. Second, miracles have all been debunked. If you had an actual study proving an actual miracle that would be interesting, but still wouldn’t prove the existence of a deities, let alone your deity. Still, no scientific studies have ever proven any miracles. You can make claims about magic painting with heart beats, but until you produce an actual study that has been peer reviewed by actual scientists, it is still just a mere assertion.

    5. Yeah it has you a**, science has proven, now you should get a f****ing life. Face the facts, oh and say hi to Satan for me when you go to hell.

      1. I have asked you to cite an actual study and you have responded by citing various articles asserting facts with no evidence to back them up. You have continued to wish for my eternal torture and that is quite interesting and call me names, but that doesn’t support your argument. It just exposes how religion has twisted your sense of morality. I would love to “face the facts” as you say, but you have to actually provide facts and so far you have not been able to do that. Satan and Hell are also imaginary, but if it makes you happy to believe that I will be eternally tortured for not believing absurd claims on insufficient evidence, then okay. Please stop spamming my site with the same comment on multiple articles. Final warning.

    6. I have provided facts on many other posts. I was just stating what happens after life, and also most of that stuff written up there was one of my friends, And my religion hasn’t twisted me.

      1. No facts, just links to assertions. One was an academic slide show and I am currently in talks with the author, but even he didn’t cite actual studies or facts. he just made the same assertions that everyone else made without citation. I don’t know. Maybe NASA did test an ancient painting for magic, but I am skeptical of that. I would like to see the data.

      1. I haven’t made any positive claims that need citation. You asked me about the Big Bang at one point and I cited the work of a well known theoretical physicist. What claim would you like me to provide a citation for, exactly?

    7. Well I have thought on this scientifically and philisphicly. Matter and Energy cannot be destroyed only converted and evaporated. Since time is either constant or in correlation with matter and energy then we can then use percentages to estimate a growing possibility. Since we exist in this world we abide by it’s same laws of nature. Are consousness is something and this is fact. When we die are ability to perceive and or obsurve has been temperarly and or drastically delayed. This means we will in some way perceive again. Such a possibility even if put at below 1% is still a 100% possibility when given an infinent time span for that possibility to happen. So we always will exist by the very laws of nature. The question is how and when and the first step to scientifically answers that is to know what a spirit aka what ever we are is. So by this the atheist idea of not perceiving after death any more is sceintifacly false. However this does not prove any religion true it just means that it is sceintifacly possible for one or more of them to be true. Now here is where caluculess comes in, if time is infininent with no beginning and no end how have we happens yet? Well here is the thing we have happened or are going to happen and so here we are. As to measuring it we cannot fully measure it because we cannot make an infinent measurement only use calculess to asses where in infinity we are. Here is where philosophy comes in is it better to wear your safety gear and have a religion or to set loose and risk hurting yourself in the future? By the way I’m LDS because it gathers old and new teachings carefully. Even if not fully true it is very likely mostly true so I am playing it safe. I also have plans in case it is wrong deals I can make however it is not certain I can go with those plans if I do not have memory of them. If I made your head hurt I’m sorry but the good news is that means I’ve stretched your mind and helped make new connections for you to be more intelligent. Love dosint mean Sex that is only a cultural trend. Love means at least 4 Greek words which you can look up Greek words for love. So with that said I love you all, and may the best be for us all.

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