• God’s Plan For You Sucks!

    Evangelical Christians often tell people that God has a plan for them and that they should just follow his plan. Aside from the obvious fact that God doesn’t exist, even if he did, that advice would still be problematic.

    First, God apparently has horrible communication skills. He can’t seem to relay his plan to anyone. All we have about his alleged plan is this crappy book series written cryptically by anonymous sheep herders in the bronze-age. You could justify anything with the Bible. Numbers 31: 17-18 justifies rape and genocide and yet I don’t even hear the GOP advocating either of those things… although admittedly they do come pretty close.

    Also, if God had a perfect plan, then any deviation from that plan would mess up the entire plan. So giving people the advice that they ought to follow God’s plan for them is kind of silly. I choose not to follow God’s plan, so as a result I fucked up God’s plan for you already.

    But what if God planned for me to not follow his plan? That’s a good question but it would mean that God planned for me to be tortured for all eternity and that destroys the claim that I “chose” to live a life of sin rebelling against God. God planned for me to rebel all along and I then had no choice in the matter just as the Christian would have no choice by to follow God’s plan. So the advice is still meaningless and now it’s cruel too.

    Besides, what exactly is God’s plan? Did anyone bother to read the fine print? If you follow the alleged plan of God and if the conclusion of that plan is that you will end up in Heavenly bliss, you should really reconsider that plan because if you read the fine print it sucks.

    First of all, eternity is a pretty long time. I don’t think Christians really realize just how long eternity is. Second, bliss for God is kissing his ass. Yeah, that is what you will be doing for all eternity. Even if that were a fun thing to do and I really don’t think it is, how long can you really kiss God’s ass before it gets pretty boring? After a few thousand years that shit gets old. After a million years you would probably be suicidal except that when you do kill yourself, you will end up right back kissing God’s ass again… for eternity!

    I could of course go on about how horrible Heaven is according to the Bible, but I think you get my point. If you actually believe God is real and that Heaven is as described in the Bible, then it is pretty clear that God’s plan for you sucks ass. The good news is that it is all make believe anyway. My plan for you is to live your life. Find what you like to do in life and do it. Be good to others and enjoy your life.

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    Article by: Staks Rosch

    Staks Rosch is a writer for the Skeptic Ink Network & Huffington Post, and is also a freelance writer for Publishers Weekly. Currently he serves as the head of the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason and is a stay-at-home dad.


    1. Well, grow some balls! Live your life the way you want and you’ll find out who’s right after you check out. Try not to chicken out and do a deathbed conversion . . .

    2. My two year old niece was sexually molested dozens of times according to her child psychiatrist while our Holy Voyeur stood around and did what he does best…….drool.

    3. What is Worse for us Good men out there is having a wife that turned out to be a filthy Whore since many of us men have been hurt this way already which is why many of us Unfortunately are still Single again today when we could have been all settled down by now had we met the RIGHT WOMAN from the very beginning which we NEVER did. Many of us men WEREN’T BLESSED that way by GOD unfortunately.

    4. it says,I’ll help those who help themselves,BULLSHIT,my money my effort my way,not one iota of help not one,I have strong faith and good direction,but this storied son of a bitch,will throw you an anchor as you climb a cliff side,so,good -luck,faithists…

    5. Fuck you god for my back pain, and fuck you for spoiling my efforts this far:
      – praying for a healing (guess my lucky number didn’t come up)
      – Years of rehab which helped but still didn’t close the deal (thanks to you probably)
      Fuck you buddy.

    6. im really thankful for the things he’s given me ..like ..esential tremors, bipolar disorder, adhd, anxiety, ocd, shity drunk of a father, shity drug addict of a mother, molested when i was young, ran over by a car, crooked back, crooked penis, never had a friend in my life, never had girlfriend or any contact with female period.. im 27 by the way. Cant drive, live with my shity parents, have basicly no life, pray to god to kill me daily, granpa try to kill me when i was a baby ..too bad he failed. Never at any point in my life have i know a shred of happiness or joy ..so thank u god ..thank u for all the things u have graciously given me.

    7. If you want to know how god works, read the book of Job in the bible.
      Because Job was a good man (really GOOD man) god decided to screw up his life.
      Bat considering god does not do anything bad (he is loving father) he sent Satan or rather ordered him to destroy everything he had, kill his children and make him sick. Apparently that brought got real pleasure. The only thing that god left for Job to make his life even more miserable was his wife (that was a real bitch and I mean BITCH) and some totally fucked up friends.
      Evidently god was very happy because Job didn’t stop kissing his ass, and decided to restore all his possessions and give him new children. Job was so happy that he did not give a shit about his killed children and kept kissing god’s ass. To make the whole thing funny, god left Job with his old wife (THE BITCH) but Job didn’t mind because he felt privileged being allowed to kiss god’s ass. And he lived happily ever after until he kicked the bucket and went to heaven to keep on kissing…………

      1. “Man dieth, and wasteth away: yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where is he?” (Job 14:10)

        God is a ghost. What could a ghoul possibly have planned for living beings? Nothing that I want any part of, thank you. The shitty plan of the so-called Holy Ghost has destroyed many lives.

        Give it up, people!!

    8. So if a shaded leaf is torn , the Tree must be corrupt, and all corruption must be destroyed?
      You must be perfect, for you are still here, so tell me what, without compassion, is Good?
      What good thing in this word do you have that something or someone did not sacrifice that you have had it.
      Nothing here is free it is all shared you just took a breath from my air that you can not return to me uncorrupted.
      The virus that you discharge from your body will dissolve to mere nothing. Yet you are here and it is not, so you are good and it was not.
      Do Good, compared to what
      . Live life and corrupt everything that is not yours ,Which by all rights is everything else.
      Winny group of pissers the lot of you.

    9. I believe in God but I just think that he is absolutely disgusting and that he did a really catastrophic job with his creation. I will not praise or worship him. I have severe mental Illness myself and am very suicidal. I know one day I will end up having to end my life prematurely if he does not end my life at a certain point. This just is not right. I am so disappointed in God.

    10. I “challenged god” by saying prove me right.! show me that everything you do is for you and not for us. I also said he would destroy one of my family members Life. (Just to prove to me that your an evil shit that only wants it his way.) the 1% of happines that we hold.. Gone and a within a month (december) two days before christmas my sister gets life in jail and she just had a baby early that year. So now my mom and i are stuck taking care of the baby. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that when i challenged god i knew his plan for me since i was young he wants me to take care of a kid/family that could never do the same for me. Basically to help a kid like myself that never realy had anyone that wanted to help. But god somehow forgot that i needed to be financially secure for that to be possible but ofcourse he decided hey lets put him in the same situation that he was in as a kid !! And see how this new kid turns out? Yeah real smart god put a kid in the same fkd up life i had just so you can prove that its your way or no way at all. You dont have to believe me but he throws these b.s. signs at me more like mocking me..as if im suppose to just bend over and take it like a bitch. God you ruin lifes because your just like us a fkd up being.

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