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Posted by on Jan 21, 2009 in events | 2 comments

Reviews of CFI WEIRD SCIENCE event

Martin has been kind enough to put up links to various reviews of the Weird Science event we put on last Saturday. I had a great time… My talk was probably the most “serious” – Wiseman and French were very funny, as usual, and Ben Goldacre said the “F” word. All three talks were genuinely excellent.
Go here.

Here is Richard Wiseman’s video of the amazing floating cork, which he used in his talk.

And also Wiseman’s amazing colour-change card trick.

Our next event is God in The Lab, on 21st March. For details go to


  1. All fairly straight-forward properties that can be predicted by string and pencil counting. Would you like a demonstration because I am in South Ken at the mo, but mustn’t miss my later train home.

  2. BTW I am the Martin the Stephen was referring too, not the previous commenter :-)And, judging by that comment, that Martin has missed the underlying trick in the floating cork trick

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