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Posted by on Aug 16, 2008 in Uncategorized | 22 comments


I am thinking of starting a blog book club. We pick a book. Each week we do a chapter. I write up a little piece on the chapter and all can then contribute…

You get two weeks’ notice to acquire the book.

Does this appeal to anyone?

A God and Religion theme, and maybe broaden out later to philosophy generally. Fairly accessible books. Currently I am thinking: The God Delusion, The Devil’s Delusion (which I just read, and which I loathed, predictably).


  1. I know I’m new to this blog, but I’d be interested.

  2. I’ll pass on the God topic but may well patch into later ones.

  3. Excellent idea, I’d be up for it. Especially if you begin with Dawkins (God Delusion) as I’ve just started reading it.

  4. Brilliant idea – I’m in.

  5. m up for it. Bonus points for choosing books with Kindle editions. Anything in the phil of religion/phil of mind areas would be good.

  6. I would be happy to do anything as long as we move as far away from the Sye responses as possible. Thanks for trying to get us back on track Stephen.

  7. It seems like a promising idea.

  8. Wouldn’t it be better to read a proper work in the philosophy of religion, rather than The God Delusion?

  9. What a great idea – I’d be up for that!

  10. I like the idea in principle, but with so much reading of my own to catch up on I’m not sure whether I could guarantee to participate every time. A starting suggestion: “Atheism. The Case Against God” by George H. Smith [Prometheus Books]

  11. I’m not looking for a commitment, anticant. Just an indication of whether people would be interested….sounds like they would. I’ll plan something.

  12. That is a great Idea. Gives me an excuse to buy the God Delusion too!

  13. I will certainly follow along, even when I can’t pick up the books you’re writing about, Stephen. Maybe I can make a suggestion for future reading: How about Tom Regan’s Empty Cages? I would also love to work through some Nozick, whether his Anarchy, State, and Utopia or his Philosophical Explanations. I even wrote a little post on him, Nozick on Skepticism.

  14. Anticant said,”A starting suggestion: “Atheism. The Case Against God” by George H. Smith [Prometheus Books]”This is probably better left as a later book – it is QUITE dense, as I’m sure you’re aware. It is a great idea, though, to analyze the book eventually. The only crappy part is that I just gave mine to a friend to read. I’ll have to buy it again, cause it’s worth having two – when he gives the other one back, I’ll give one to the library.Just curious, how many of you have already read the aforementioned book by George Smith?

  15. Yes, interesting first choice too. I’ve just returned from OU philosophy summer school where Mr Daekins name was raised once or twice. I’ll be better informed for reading it, I hope.

  16. Hopefully it will also improve my spelling. Sorry Mr Dawkins.

  17. Not sure what you mean by “dense”, Kyle? Smith’s book is closely argued – which is surely a good thing on a philosophy blog!

  18. By dense I mean that it’s extremely difficult to read and concentrate on. It could easily just be me that is dense, though. 🙂 (I’ve heard of a lot of other people having trouble reading it, in my defense!)

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