• Psychic protested (didn’t see it coming)

    Via Hemant Mehta and Emery Emery we have the story of another John Edward protest.

    What I learned is that these types of events should ALWAYS have demonstrators present who know their rights and are ready to politely demand that they be allowed to exercise those rights so that we may continue to offer the victims of these pathological grief predators the opportunity to learn how they are being fleeced by charlatans.

    I completely agree! Hoping to see much more of this sort of thing, very pleased to see my friends at the Investigation Network leading the way. Blueball Skeptics sat down with a few of them fairly recently to discuss how to go about it:

    If that proves too lengthy and rambling for you, my fellow SINner Caleb Lack also posted a concise and helpful how-to guide here at Skeptic Ink, based on our experience protesting John Edward in OKC.

    Thankfully, we didn’t get any runaround from the management or lengthy interactions with the local constables. It is to the credit of the IN that they prepared for that eventuality, and dealt with it so gracefully.

    People who perform cold readings deliberately prey upon the grieving, the confused, and the hopeless among us, while at the same time demanding respect. When it comes to peaceful protests, they deserve no quarter.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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