• Chart of the Week – A+ 2nd Anniversary Fundraiser

    The Atheism Plus 2nd Anniversary Celebratory Donation drive has recently concluded and I’m happy to report that I made a significant contribution to the cause:

    Known SlymePitters shown in green
    Known SlymePitters shown in green

    While the fundraiser fell somewhat short of its original goal, we can rest assured that the true spirit of Atheism Plus carries on in various blogs and Tumblrs.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.
    • Outwest

      Well, I guess they could buy a piece of “real” jewelry to give to a needy person!

    • Chas Stewart

      20.00 USD to “a marginalized atheist intersectional-feminist-activist student”.

    • Edward Gemmer

      So what are you going to have drawn?

    • Snoopy

      That’s what Richy Carrier meant when he said “We’re winning” 🙂