• Block Bot Check

    Someone recently brought my attention to a tool called the Block Bot Checker by Sarahlicity, who comes recommended by PZ Myers as “Someone reasonable.”

    This looks like a fun and useful tool. Naturally, I wanted to check up on my friends, but which ones? I needed a website to tell me whom I talk with the most, and David Nicholz came through:

    Awesome! So here is my list:

    The people (and organization) that I tweet at the most
    The nine people (and one organization) that I tweet to the most

    Okay, then, let’s grind through them with Sarah’s tool:

    1. AmbrosiaXLevel 1 – Storify
    2. SubManUSNLevel 2 – Storify
    3. BirdTerrifierLevel 3 – Storify <– hilarious
    4. ihasgelatoLevel 2 – Storify (none found)
    5. toxicpathUnlisted
    6. SIN_Notung – Unlisted
    7. LazySavantLevel 1 – Storify
    8. StephenWalskiUnlisted
    9. ellesunLevel 2 – Storify (none found)
    10. SkepticInkUnlisted

    My congratulations to toxicpath, Notung, Stephen, and whomever it is that runs the Skeptic Ink group account. As for the rest of you, you’re probably evil and should burn in Twitter hell. (Except you, Chas. I’m still laughing at the one tweet that got you blocked.)

    My Twitter BFF’s are the “worst of the worst” trolls, according to the Block Bot staff, along with “a wider selection of unpleasant people.” Probably it is for the best never to follow me on Twitter. You’ve been warned.

    Category: Atheism Plus

    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.
    • Chas Stewart

      I’m an unrepentant elevator aficionado.

    • LindaL

      Was Chas’ block only for wearing the shirt, or doing so near the word “Elevator”.
      I need to know all their rules for the future.

      • I think it was for deliberately triggering people who have had unpleasant experiences in or around elevators.

      • Skep tickle

        He uttered* the name of a Category of people with whom it is Forbidden to appear to sympathize or collaborate.

        *or, wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the name. Same difference.

    • UPDATE: We now know why #4 was added to the block list:

      • Why did I follow Tim Farley’s advice and add the Storify function? Everyone still pretends what ever reason that comes into their heads at the time is why they were added.

      • I’m not qualified to tell you why you did it, obviously, since I cannot read minds from six time zones away. I would assume you recognised Tim was giving out some sound advice.

        Incidentally, is there any record of how Ellesun made level 2?

      • It was a rhetorical “why oh why”, although seeing the meltdown over Polygons blocktogether list with no details on why anyone was added I don’t feel that bad. Any block list is going to be controversial ..

        Removed Ellesun, I have a back log of people added before the storifies… Might just auto remove them all to save the effort in reviewing! Fair few pitters will be released into the wild, scary thought 😉

    • eccles11

      Any bets on how long it takes for Oolon to get in here and start trolling?

    • Skep tickle

      @Ellesun here. I was listed on The Block Bot quite early on, never heard why but I figure it’s some version of Original Sin: I’ve asked questions, disagreed, posted a few times (*cough*) in the ‘Pit, so have basically eaten & offered Forbidden Fruit. In TBB admins’ eyes I am one of those thoroughly and unredeemably evil characters from whose tainted tweets the innocents must be protected. 🙂

      • I’m hereby calling out TBB for failure to provide any good reason for encouraging people to block you. #CALLOUT #SERVED

    • Aratina Cage

      Uh-oh. Tweetails tells me that you are my top mention (107)!