• Black Mass in OKC

    It is always embarassing when I get scooped by Hemant Mehta here in my own backyard. My hometown newspaper, the Edmond Sun, is reporting on a Black Mass slated to take place here at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City, and the Catholic League is crying impotent rage tears, as per usual:

    The Civic Center is funded by the taxpayers, many of whom are Catholic, and they are not obliged to pay for attacks on their religion. Moreover, there are strictures that must be respected. To be specific, performances at the Civic Center are not permitted if they violate “community standards,” including works that are “illegal, indecent, obscene, immoral or in any manner publicly offensive.” One does not have to be Catholic to know that if Catholics believe that a consecrated Host is considered sacrosanct, then public displays of desecration meet the criteria as outlined.

    [Damion and some other blogger]
    Curse you, Mehta!

    What country does Bill Donahue think we live in, anyhow? Just because you think a cracker is made of magical godstuff doesn’t mean you get to shut down someone else’s religious ritual or performance art, whichever this turns out to be. There is a reason why the First Amendment covers both freedom of expression and religious free excercise, after all. I do like his advice to contact the mayor, though, and I will be doing so at the earliest opportunity to thank him for making OKC a more diverse and exciting place to live.

    For more information on the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu church, visit www.dakhmaofangramainyu.com and for more info on how Satanism relates to atheism in Oklahoma, please see Caleb’s excellent piece on that topic.

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.

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    • I’m not sure how Hemant manages to be everywhere like this, but I realized long ago that he knows far more about what is happening here in Mississippi than I do. He must have his own news bureau or something.

    • Brenda Weber

      “Just because you think birth control murders little babies doesn’t mean you get to shut down someone else’s access to equal protection under the law.”

      I fixed it for you. The thought process is exactly the same. It’s all part and parcel of Christian privledge, enshrined once again by judicial president.

      (Sorry, I’m having trouble letting that one go.)

      • You should definitely blog about this. Get your thoughts out in one concentrated burst. I will reshare it everywhere.

      • Opyt

        Problem is: they’re not BLOCKING access to it, they’re just not PAYING for it. 😉

        Common misconception though.

      • One of the things I’ve found curious about this case is the pro-choice campaign slogans…


        If the ACA requires employers to write checks to pay for something, as a condition of staying in business, it seems a little weird to say that writing those checks is not in any sense part of what it means for them to do business.

    • Paper Made Houdini

      The Black Mass needs better PR. After reading the Dakhma web site I’m totally confused about what’s going to be happening at the mass and why. Is the mass outreach for the church our is it only for people in the know? I’m an atheist but I totally understand why my fellow Oklahoman colleagues are terrified of it. The event site actually talks about scacrificial aborted fetuses, sexual fluids, and devil worship. I thought Satanists don’t really worship Satan. Help me understand what is going on here. Also, am I invited?

      • I think we’re going to have to attend if we really want to know. Going to make a run to Hot Topic this weekend.

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